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Letters to the Editor

Elect my neighbor Ashland's mayor

Out of the three candidates running for mayor, Biome Michael Erickson, the current mayor John Stromberg, and a former mayor Alan DeBoer, the first one mentioned has the best vision going forward for Ashland.

Biome is trustworthy, he has a solid work ethic, he viably and consistently demonstrates both honor and integrity and his ideas/ideals are invigorating. Biome's a great old-school type of neighbor, the best I've ever had. It is quite possible that things could become seriously unraveled (economically speaking) in the near future, thereby causing a chain of events that just isn't pretty!

There is one more character trait that I wish to relate about my neighbor. Biome is a visionary; he thinks outside the box. Biome has the vision, along with the wherewithal to keep our little treasure-grove of a community afloat if the scenario I just described does play out.

Biome is the one and only candidate running who will truly represent the people. We need that! Vote for Biome Michael Erickson for Ashland mayor on Nov. 6.

Wayne Perry


Thanks for help with 'Mutt Show'

Ashland Supportive Housing's ASHminster Mutt Show was a great success thanks to all the good folks who donated time and products.

Al and Virginia Silbowitz of Grizzley Peak Winery could not have donated a more perfect setting. Trish Glose of KTVL gave us time and energy and her great personality for a tough job — judging. Canine Angels of the Applegate Valley gave a demo of what their highly trained service dogs can do. Rob Robinson was a terrific MC. Fresco Food Cart made available excellent lunches, chocolate cake and free dog biscuits. Two very vital items were provided by the City of Ashland and Shasta Spring Water — doggie clean-up bags and water. And the music of Frankie Hernandez closed out a perfect afternoon. We thank you all so much and look forward to next year.

Marge Binnewies, board president


Vote Voisin for diversity

I am voting for Carol Voisin because she alone votes her conscience and her intention to represent all of Ashland's community. Carol takes her role as City Council member seriously, does her homework and works hard for our town. According to the Oct. 4 Sneak Preview ad, her opponent would vote with the rest of the council on all issues mentioned and would not represent any other than the business sector of the community.

We need diversity on the City Council, more representatives that care for the needs of hard-working families and more members that believe in creating a sustainable Ashland for everyone. Business interests are well represented on the council, per the Sneak Preview ad.

Vote Voisin to build balance, further diversity and cultivate compassion on our City Council.

Sheila Canal


Break the chain of politics as usual

As I watched the first presidential debates, I was saddened first by the lack of control on the mediator's part, and secondly by the rudeness Mitt Romney displayed toward the president.

Romney is a bully. He just keeps shouting over you, until you back down. Not very presidential. The tone of Romney's voice when he referred to "the poor" was just like his tone when he made the 47 percent comment.

I concede that Romney won the first debate. I'm relieved to see that he is in fact more intelligent than I previously thought. Or he's a good actor who memorized a script full of deceptive facts.

I would like the debates to have fact checkers hooked up to both candidates' lecterns, and if the fact is not valid, a signal is made. Otherwise the speaker is allowed to frighten voters by repeating a lie over and over, until you have them convinced.

I'm sure both candidates want what is best for Americans. If only all the great minds pooled their abilities, instead of needing to be right. No one wins without the art of compromise.

In any case, I believe the president has made great strides in making life better for most Americans, and the unwillingness of the opposing party to acknowledge what good he has been able to do in a very short time is unkind, unfair and disrespectful.

Good luck, and God bless whoever gets the most difficult job on earth.

Leslee Freeman


Dignity is not a good fit for city

If community truly matters to the Ashland City Council, they will reject the ACH contract with Dignity Health and direct the hospital board to start over.

I understand the need to affiliate with a bigger company, but a relationship with Dignity would be too large a step back in time. Over the years Ashland has been progressive in expanding care and quality of life for all our neighbors. A contract with Dignity, however, is in contrast to these efforts and would remove the option for patients to receive completely legal medical procedures in our community hospital.

Dignity Health — I'm not the first to point out the irony in the name — is not a good fit for Ashland.

Karen S. Smith