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Letters to the Editor

Yes, I will protect the Ashland Watershed

In response to the questions posed by my friend Brian Holley in his letter on Wednesday, I will absolutely pledge to protect the watershed and our valuable water supply!

I was born here and I work every day to improve Ashland and the area that I want my grandkids to grow up in. I will not recuse myself from any discussion with Mt. Ashland, for that would leave your mayor (or citizen, if not elected) outside of the conversation that is so important to Ashland.

Our local ski area is vital for our economy, jobs and a wonderful recreation area. I have been involved with Mt. Ashland since the community raised the money to save it from closing. What a great winter recreation area for our youth and citizens and university that gives us a choice from TV and video games, and connects us with the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Alan DeBoer, mayoralcandidate


Voisin represents all of Ashland's citizens

Ashland City Council incumbent Carol Voisin has amply demonstrated that she represents Ashland citizens, all of them. Her voice and dignified presence are much needed on this council.

Carol Voisin is a progressive leader dedicated to the long-term health and prosperity of our community. All too often, the clearly expressed values of Ashland citizens have been ignored in favor of hasty, ill-considered decisions; Carol Voisin takes seriously her responsibility to listen to all the voices and consider all the angles.

A recent ad by her opponent makes much of Carol's independent voting record, implying that she was not in lock step with the majority on every issue. But that record is a plus, not a negative: It shows a thoughtful representative who does her own careful analysis.

Don't be swayed by simplistic attack ads. Look at Carol Voisin's record and her positions: www.reelectcarolvoisin.com.

Allan Peterson and Frances Dunham


Supporting Stromberg for Ashland mayor

I had the pleasure of meeting Mayor Stromberg two years ago at a local charity fundraiser. Our conversation sparked my interest in becoming more aware of city issues and attending City Council meetings.

Mayor Stromberg has an inclusive philosophy; he encouraged me to participate for the merit of participation. The City Council meetings have been a rewarding experience. John does a great job of facilitating his council and has strong parliamentary skills. He ensures that all guest speakers are informed of the protocol and is respectful of all attendees.

Few cities can boast a mayor with a Ph.D., but Ashland can. The fact that John's advanced formal education and lengthy business background transfer well to public administration is no minor coincidence. He quickly grasps broad ranges of complex issues and articulates well.

Ashland is indeed fortunate to have John Stromberg as mayor. I strongly support his re-election.

Andrew Kubik


Vote for Scott Fein for county surveyor

Scott Fein has the experience and a proven record. He knows the science and art of surveying. He is conscientious and works well with all kinds of people; professionals, county staff and the public.

They say you really know a subject inside and out when you can teach it. Scott has been a surveying instructor. He knows the county system and is currently the deputy county surveyor. He will continue doing a great job.

Vote for Scott Fein for county surveyor, he will hit the ground running.

John Fields


Vote John Stromberg for Ashland mayor

I served on the Ashland Planning Commission when John Stromberg was the chairman. He impressed me with his intelligence, his command of the issues and most of all with his ability to manage the meeting.

He has brought this management skill to his role as mayor over the last four years. I intend to vote for him next month. He deserves the chance to continue making Ashland a better place.

Michael Church


Voting for Voisin for City Council

I support Carol Voisin's re-election to the Ashland City Council. Her expertise, thoughtfulness and character have played a valuable role in our council's deliberations and actions. She does her homework and listens to different sectors of the community before making up her mind.

At Southern Oregon University, Dr. Voisin teaches critical thinking and ethics in modern society, attributes this city sorely needs in our public process.

On the council, she has demonstrated the courage to challenge convention when appropriate. The well-financed political action committee that opposes Voisin complains that she sometimes casts the sole dissenting vote on our six-member council. What exactly is wrong with that? I believe she adds a great deal to Ashland's vitality and civility while asking questions that need to be asked.

Please join me in voting for Carol Voisin's re-election.

Arlen Gregorio


Mayor Stromberg is a visionary

I am a long-term resident and senior member of the Ashland community and wider valley residents. I know that a strong local community and the collective creativity of our cultural, humanitarian and business opportunities are hugely important, as is closing the gap between financial and social inequalities.

I feel Mayor Stromberg has been exceptional in his passion to hear from all walks of life, to know as many residents as possible, as well as finding ways to support and encourage new business and local initiatives.

But more than his service to our community, John Stromberg is a visionary. This, for me, is vital for the day and age we live in.

To stick only with vested self interest or the status quo would be short-sighted and have disastrous consequences for the growth of our city in the long run, and its relationships with the wider communities and cities in Oregon.

I strongly support John Stromberg for re-election.

Serena Newby


Voisin is good for the community

Donald Politis (Oct. 5) may believe that Carol Voisin only represents the homeless in Ashland, but in fact, she represents many different interests such as protecting local organic farmers from GMO contamination, banning fireworks citywide, supporting the enterprise zones for small businesses, voting for a HUD loan to purchase the Ashland Food Project building, working to increase grants for ScienceWorks, Ashland Independent Film Festival, Thrive the Bed and Breakfast Association, etc.

Mr. Politis chooses to conveniently believe the complex homeless issue is made up of "home free" street people, when in fact it includes mentally ill, veterans, children, women, people with behavioral problems, etc. I chose to educate myself on Ashland homelessness and attended a few homeless coalition meetings. I am impressed with the caliber of people on the committee. which includes a retired psychiatrist who has worked with the homeless, an attorney for veterans, representatives from Maslow Project (homeless teens), Community Works (homeless teens), church representatives, homeless advocates, etc.

The overall problem is that Ashland does not have many of the services needed to help those who have "hit a spot of bad luck." The vast majority of Ashlanders want the homeless dealt with compassionately. The all-encompassing homeless issue is legally complex and should not be marginalized. Downtown will not benefit from tough-sounding laws that lack muscle in court. Carol is working toward solutions that are practical and can withstand legal challenge. I support Carol because she is good for the entire community, including businesses.

Mary Cody