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Letters to the Editor

The City Council needs Carol Voisin

The desperate efforts of the now notorious Ashland PAC to replace Carol Voisin are proof enough that Carol is doing an admirable job in defending our city's unique values and character. Carol's level-headed, caring, well-informed and gutsy "lone voice" is essential in maintaining a modicum of balance in a group where conservative interests are more than adequately represented.

As a former small-business owner with a doctorate in theology and currently teaching ethics at SOU, this woman favors thoughtful analysis and dialogue over administrative and political expediency. Your newspaper has in fact cited Ashland's predilection for debate and discussion as a main reason it recommends John Stromberg rather Alan DeBoer for mayor (Daily Tidings, Oct. 19). When casting your ballot, please seriously consider Carol Voisin for re-election.

Angie and Darwin Thusius


Vote yes on levy for Fire District 5

If you live in Fire District 5 and have not yet voted, please get out your ballot and join me in voting yes on this important bond measure: 15-112. The cost of $25.11 per year on a $155,000 home is a small amount to pay for the needed improvements to our fire district's outdated equipment and aged apparatus. Thank you Fire District 5 for helping us! Now it's our turn to help you! Yes on Measure 15-112.

Judith Baalman


Jackie Agee for City Council

Ashland is one of the best smaller towns in America and I'd like to keep it that way. That's why I'm voting for Jackie Agee for Ashland City Council. We need a smart municipal government to help attract and retain the right kinds of employers and jobs, keep our education and cultural life vibrant and insure effective, affordable public and social services. Jackie Agee has the common sense and organizational skills to make that happen.

Marilyn Hawkins


Bloom is able, competent, fair

Without reservation, I'm telling all of my friends who vote in Jackson County that I hope they will vote for Judge Ben Bloom. As a jurist (and I've known a lot of jurists) he's remarkably able, competent and fair.

During the past two years, Judge Bloom has comported himself with the dignity appropriate for his office, but he's never imputed the power and importance of his court to himself. He's been careful, courteous and kind to all litigants and jurors who come to his courtroom. At the same time, he has consistently demanded the full measure of competence and diligence from the attorneys who appear before him.

His analysis of the issues the attorneys present to him is exacting and thorough. Please vote for Judge Ben Bloom.

William Francis, attorney


Judge Bloom deserves support

Judge Ben Bloom has done an exceptional job of serving Jackson County, and should continue to do so. David Orr is running against Judge Bloom on the position that any judge who accepts campaign contributions has peddled his influence.

It is no surprise that attorneys contribute to judicial campaigns. Who better knows the quality and competency of a judge than the people who work with and in front of a judge each day? But Orr knows this already; he gave money to a judicial candidate (Friends of John Norton) in the past himself.

I am sure that when Orr made that contribution to a judicial candidate, he did not think he was buying favor. It seems disingenuous of him to now condemn what he has done in the past.

Judge Bloom deserves our support and voters should not trade his quality service for a voice of someone simply upset with the judicial election system.

Alan Harper


Support diversity in council vote

This coming election will test whether the majority of Ashland is shallow enough to succumb to the blatant manipulation of the moneyed interests.

If passed, Measure 15-116 will put us on the road to breaking the stranglehold of the plutocracy on this nation. We need to amend the U.S. Constitution to override the Supreme Court's mind-boggling decision conferring "personhood" on corporations.

The Ashland City Council elections hinge on a clear appreciation of similar threats to the diversity of our community. Here are my observations.

For mayor, John Stromberg. Hands down.

For Position No. 1, Carol Voisin has shown remarkable integrity and judgment throughout her tenure on the council. It would be a terrible loss to the community if her detractors, once again, are able to dupe the public about such valuable service.

For Position No. 3, Greg Lemhouse's peremptory personal ambition was eventually intolerable even within the Medford Police Department. In his subsequent position within Brammo, he helped to relocate this most important green industry outside of Ashland, thus paving the way to absolutely locking our economy into the tourist trade, with its current vested interests.

Keith Haxton provides the necessary prophylactic. He has the character and priorities we need on the council. Please vote for Keith Haxton.

For Position No. 5, Rich Rosenthal would be a welcome addition to ACC. However, in this competition, I think Regina Ayars has greater experience, and the more sharply evolved priorities which are essential for the council's further work. Please vote for Regina Ayars.

Aaron Corbet


Read all information on council candidates

Recently the group Ashland Residents for a Great City Council circulated among Ashland residents interested in the upcoming City Council elections a well-thought-out and documented analysis of the three City Council races. Their analysis explained why they support election of the candidates Agee, Lemhouse and Rosenthal, and pointed out with specific and verifiable facts why these candidates are more qualified than candidates Haxton, Ayars or Voisin.

Since then, I understand some supporters of Haxton, Ayers and Voisin have sent letters to the editor and made other public statements trying to garner support for these three using undocumented claims and misinformation. Freedom to express one's views certainly is one of the strengths of our democracy; however, it is very disheartening (and sadly all too common in today's political campaigns) to find folks actively promoting candidates through use of unfounded claims or erroneous information.

I hope responsible Ashland voters will carefully read all information available on the candidates in these three races, consider which source is providing accurate information backed up by verifiable facts and decide, based on this approach, which candidates deserve their votes. For democracy to work properly, that is the role which every voter desiring good and effective government must play.

Paul D. Hill


Endorsing Stromberg for Ashland mayor

I am giving John Stromberg the nod for the next four years. Mayor Stromberg approaches his governing responsibilities with such enthusiasm and vitality that I have to endorse his bid.

This election will define and shape our community's success. I now realize that my biggest criticism of the mayor is that he has been too considerate, and is willing to listen patiently to all opinions and consider all of our citizen's input.

I now realize that this is a fine attribute and not a fault. I think we are going to see Ashland choosing a shift in direction in this election and we will see some new cooperation and clarity from the City Council. With these coming changes, it will be a wise choice to stay the course and retain the groundwork and relationships that the mayor has developed over the last four years. I think we will be well served by Mayor Stromberg serving another four years.

John Fields