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Prefer a money market account? Then check out these websites

A money market account typically offers better interest rates than standard interest-paying savings and checking accounts. But this type of account usually comes with terms different from a savings account, such as a specific balance minimum.

If you'd like to learn more about money market accounts, these sites might prove useful:

  • Bankrate.com: Discusses basics on money market accounts, along with pros and cons. www.bankrate.com/finance/savings/money-market-accounts.aspx
  • Financial Web: Compares the differences between a bank money market account and a savings account. www.finweb.com/banking-credit/general-banking-credit/bank-money-market-account-vs-savings-account.html
  • Money Rates: Primer on money market accounts. www.money-rates.com/basicguides/moneymarket/money-market-accounts-primer.htm
  • Nolo: Provides differences between a money market account and money market fund. www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/money-market-deposit-accounts-mutual-funds-30007.html
  • Simple Debt-Free Living: Offers overview of how money market accounts work. www.simpledebtfreeliving.com/moneymarketaccount.html