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In Medford, which way, exactly, is up?

I read your "Home prices rise" article this morning. I've lived in Medford 15-plus years but am at a loss to identify what's where. Can you identify the Medford areas in your article — northwest, west, southwest and east?

— Katharine S., west Medford

Everyone seems to have a different idea about how to divide Medford.

The U.S. Postal Service uses the railroad tracks to distinguish 97504 (east) and 97501 (west). Medford Public Schools determine North Medford and South Medford high school territories based on enrollment figures.

Southern Oregon Multiple Listing Service areas, however, are based on metes and bounds (a centuries-old method surveyors use to determine boundary lines using landmarks and natural dividing lines, such as roads and streams), so they don't correlate with zip codes or school districts.

"Our residential statistics generally reflect home sales within urban growth boundaries," said Loran Hughes of SOMLS.

For SOMLS, Hughes said, within the Medford Urban Growth Boundary: Southwest Medford is west of Interstate-5 and south of Stewart Avenue; West Medford is west of Interstate-5, north of Stewart Avenue, and south of Rossanley Drive; Northwest Medford is west of Interstate-5, north of Rossanley Drive, and south of Beall Lane; East Medford is east of Interstate-5.

There are some exceptions, Hughes said.

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