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Letters to the Editor

Thanks, Presbyterians, for divestment decision

As a Jewish religious educator, I would like to openly thank the Presbyterian General Assembly for its decision to divest itself of investments in Motorola, Hewlett-Packard and Caterpillar. These U.S. companies profit from their direct support of the oppression of Palestinians under the illegal Israeli occupation.

As part of their long-term efforts to bring their use of investments in line with their ethical values, the Presbyterians voted to support Palestinian human rights and reject pressures from the most right-wing elements of the American Jewish community. As the former religious education director of three Jewish synagogue schools and the director of a Hebrew-speaking camping program, I have long taught that there is a difference between teaching love of the land and people of Israel and support of the policies of the Israeli government.

As a Jew, I have very strong bonds of peoplehood with the Jewish cultural center in Israel. I have no bonds of political solidarity with its right-wing political leaders or their policies. So I thank the Presbyterians for reminding us of this crucial difference and for supporting human rights and ethical investment decision-making.

Benjy Ben-Baruch


Dennis Richardson spam wastes money

I'm an out-stationed University of Oregon faculty member, and I have received frequent marketing emails from Dennis Richardson on my University of Oregon email over the past three years.

Repeatedly, I have attempted to unsubscribe, unsuccessfully, and I have notified the sender that this seems an inappropriate use of public resources and email. What does this say about his insensitivity to wasting public employee's time?

Oregon Revised Statute 260.432 restricts public employees from engaging in political activity while on the job, yet Dennis Richardson subjects all U of O staff to his political activity by sending us email! What does it take to stop Mr. Richardson? If you are a Richardson supporter, please consider the waste of public resources he perpetuates!

Susan Roudebush


Thanks for Honoré's commentary on Iraq

Thanks to Chris Honoré for his commentary on Saturday in the Daily Tidings — "As Iraqis stand up, we'll stand down." His words need to be spread far and wide until the people with power in Washington hear them and pay attention.

Edith Montgomery