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Learning Curve

CORVALLIS — Spring football is going to be a crash course for the Oregon State football team.

The practice pace, starting this week, is going to be fast and the learning curve steep.

The Beavers have a new coach, Gary Andersen, so there's a new system to be put in place for both sides of the ball.

 "I'm expecting a new team," junior receiver Victor Bolden said. "The goal this year is win the championship. That's what we break on every week. To do that, we've got to go out there and start from Day 1, which is spring ball. We've got to go out there with a full mind, full body, full heart and attack every day."

Bolden said he is looking forward to playing in a pace-pushing, spread-oriented offense.

"I'm really excited," he said. "More receivers get a chance to be in the game, the ball's going to be spread around, it's going to be up-tempo. Who doesn't want to play up-tempo?"

There's going to quite a bit of information for the offensive players to soak in.

Andersen said there will be days, particularly early on, when the install will be heavy. But the staff will be careful not to overdo it.

"We want to practice as fast as we can but also make sure that we're not overloading them mentally so the kids can got out and perform and let their athleticism take over," Andersen said.

"We want to create an environment to be productive and be fairly consistent in what we're doing in those practices. In simple terms, have quality practices."

Bolden said he thinks most of the offense will be installed by the end of the spring. The players have been working on it on their own to get an early start.

"We've been kind of working on it now, just kind of going through how fast it's going to be and going through practice scenarios, where we're going to be lined up during practice and all that," Bolden said. "So we're trying to get a jump ahead.

"As far as learning the plays and all that, it shouldn't be too bad. We just came from being one of the most complicated offenses in college football in my opinion, so we'll be all right."

The players will be competing from the get-go. Andersen said one of the goals is to have a good two-deep chart by the end of spring practice.

No starting spot is sewn up.

"From what it sounds like, there's going to be a lot of competing," senior cornerback Larry Scott said. "We're going to compete and go out there and really prepare to try to go for a championship. That's what Coach A keeps talking about, so there's going to be a lot of competing and everybody's going come out there and work."

New Oregon State head coach Gary Andersen will spend much of this spring getting his foootball team up to speed on the way he does things. AP PHOTO