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Andersen enjoys a day in front of the TV

CORVALLIS — Gary Andersen had the same day many sports fans do on a September Saturday.

He watched college football.

It was a rare time for Andersen, who usually is busy on the sidelines. But this was a bye week for the Oregon State football team, so head coach Andersen was free to catch some games.

He said he started at 9 a.m. and watched to the end of the Hawaii win over Tennessee-Martin, the last game of the night.

"I didn't do anything on Saturday but sit there and watch football. I didn't even take the dog for a walk, so I did nothing but watch football," Andersen said.

"It was a great day in my book to sit back and watch college football."

Andersen jumped from game to game at times, but did catch a lot of Utah's win against Brigham Young.

"There were a lot of big time games on at that moment, so I was flipping back and forth," he said. "But it was a competitive game, a typical Utah-BYU game."

Andersen said he watches as a fan and sometimes slips into coach mode.

"There's moments to learn from that you can look at and put kids in those situations, put coaches in those situations, put yourself in those situations," he said. "You're always looking at it."

Andersen was able to watch Idaho State, the Beavers next opponent, take on Colorado. The Beavers will play at Colorado on Oct. 1.

The Buffaloes rolled to a 56-7 win against the Bengals.

It gave Andersen a good look at both teams and what the Buffaloes and Bengals bring to the table.

"I think it gives you a vision of exactly the type of speed that they can possess in those situations and when you get them against a Pac-12 team where you have a little bit of idea of who the kids are and basically the team speed, they're going to be fast," Andersen said. "It gives you a little bit better gauge of team speed, size, strength.

"So it was a valuable tape and will be all week."

Week off

Andersen said the bye week was beneficial for the Beavers.

The players were able to work on shoring up some areas after the Minnesota loss.

The team also got some work in on Idaho State before starting game week on Monday.

"I think it really gave us a chance to get a head start on Idaho State," Andersen said. "It gave us a chance to really look back and focus on the last game. You do your normal film evaluation as a staff and normal film evaluation with the kids

"It gave us a chance to all of a sudden sit back and look at it again and challenge the kids to truly look at it again and understand where we are."

The players had Saturday off and some chose to watch football.

"It was a good weekend, I think it was a good weekend for the kids. They got basically a day and a half off," Andersen said. "They took Saturday off and they came back in for a little bit of a workout (Sunday) night and worked out on Friday morning also. So a little break, not a big break for them, but enough to catch their breath."

New facilities

When the Beavers take on Idaho State on Saturday it will be the first game day use of the upgraded Valley Football Center facilities.

They will gear up in the new locker room.

"It's good," Andersen said. "They absolutely love it and they seem to be showing the proper respect for it and using it for exactly what it's supposed to be used for, which is to help them become a better student-athlete.

"They understand exaclty how special the place is and it's a great teaching environment for us and our teaching rooms, they didn't change drastically, but they changed and have a little more personality in them."