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Andersen evaluating the youngsters

CORVALLIS — With the season-opener at Colorado State less than three weeks away, Oregon State coach Gary Andersen is getting closer to finalizing a travel squad.

Andersen is still looking at some of the newer players to fill out the roster.

"I would say it's somewhat close but we're still evaluating a few of these young guys in position battles," Andersen said. "We've stayed healthy to this point, thank goodness, for the most part and that's a big help."

Andersen said there are a few freshmen that will most likely get playing time this season based on their performance during fall camp.

Linebacker Kesi Ah-Hoy, cornerback Isaiah Dunn, running back Calvin Tyler and safety David Morris have all turned heads.

"Calvin will most likely play," Andersen said. "He's shown to be very effective in a lot of areas in a lot of things he's doing, so at this point he'll definitely be somewhere involved in the scheme of things on special teams and the offense.

"David Morris, same way right now. David is battling like crazy at that safety spot and so if he can keep himself on the field and keep progressing he'll have a chance to play as a freshman also.

"Kesi's going to play. Kesi has proven himself to be ready to go and be in that rotation at the linebacker position. And we expect Isaiah Dunn to be in that position as we move forward and we get him back out here with us, hopefully sooner than later, so we expect him to be here also."

Luton stepping up

The Beavers have adjusted well to Jake Luton taking over as the starting quarterback.

Andersen announced Luton as the starter last week in Bend.

"Jake's done a great job in the quarterback race. Like I've said all along, when the team and the quarterbacks allow us to be able to make a decision, we'll make a decision and that's when we made a decision," Andersen said. "So it's been good. I think the team's done a nice job of handling it all the way through the process and they're continuing to handle it well.

"Right now we've got three quarterbacks still on the roster here that have played and they're excited to continue to compete. Jake's going to take the first snap and Darell (Garretson) is out there battling like crazy. Darell looks really good right now. He's kind of got back into his own and he feels healthy, which is great to see."

Houston at center

Andersen said Sumner Houston has been doing a nice job at center.

Houston made the switch from defensive tackle during the offseason and practiced at the spot during the spring.

It's a crucial position on the offensive line because it usually requires the player to make the line calls each play.

"Every day is so important for him," Andersen said. "The defense has given him a whole bunch of different looks, especially (Tuesday) when we (got) into the third down. Today was a heavy, heavy pass day and there's a lot of different looks our defense is giving him. So he will be able to see this tape and evaluate it and continue to learn.

"But Sumner's smart, he puts the time in studying, he's a physical kid, he's tough, his snaps have been good. So he's done a very nice job at the center position and we expect him to continue to get better and grow as we go through camp."

Offensive identity

Andersen wants the Beavers to be explosive on offense to keep pace with the rest of the Pac-12.

"So that would mean an explosive run game that can physically put people in the position to feel us as the game goes on, we want that to happen," he said.

"In the throw game, we want to be able to move the chains with the throw game as needed. But we also want those safeties backed up to understand that we will take the shots down the field, and we can take those shots and we can effectively take those shots to loosen up the safeties so that they're not ganging up on us so much at the line of scrimmage."

McMaryion to Fresno State

Former OSU QB Marcus McMaryion has announced that he is heading to Fresno State via Twitter.

"Excited to officially announce I will be finishing my collegiate career at Fresno State representing where I've always called home #godogs."

McMaryion announced Sunday he was leaving Oregon State.