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Every person in my chair has a story

I believe in people and in finding the good in all of them.

As I travel and meet people from all over the world, I see common core values. People all need to be loved. And as I search for the goodness in the people I meet, I see stories behind their eyes.

I am a positive and friendly person, and for 40 years I have stood behind my chair in my salon and wondered, "What is this person's story?"

Some people will not look into my large mirror, but look down at their hands in their lap. There are others who preach to me and give me their resume and tell me why they are important.

It doesn’t really matter to me which type they are. I find a story in all of them. Everyone has one.

I look into their faces as I run my wet fingers through their hair, and I wonder who loves them every day, who makes them feel they are important. When they are ready to leave, I embrace them and tell them they look beautiful.

I never want to stop being in my little salon with my clients of four decades. Many people in my town can cut or color hair well. Yet there is something else I try to do. I hope people have a good feeling when they get up from my black leather chair. In the 30 minutes — or 2 hours — I spend with them, I will have found goodness in them during that time.

Some people have more goodness to share than others. I listen to all of them, and at the end of my day, when my fingers and shoulders are drooping, I have to look a little harder at 4 p.m. than I did at 10 a.m.

But I constantly keep learning and writing about what they have taught me.

— Lois Jorgensen lives in Ashland.