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From the supplemental report by the Arizona Department of Public Safety on the complaint by the State of Arizona against Elbert Dorald Higginbotham.


1. Clear plastic baggie containing five individual baggies that each contained a crystallized substance, believed to be methamphetamine.

Witness/subpoena list:

1. Detective. C. Baker

129 MCAT/HPD (Case Officer)

2. Detective. D. Rush


3. Detective. C. Plumb


4. Lieutenant K. Clark



1. A.R.S. 13-3407.A1 Possession of a dangerous drug

2. A.R.S. 13-3407.A2 Possession of a dangerous drug for sale

3. A.R.S. 13-3415.A Possession of drug paraphernalia


On 4/21/05 at approximately 1155 hours MCAT Detectives had a consensual encounter with Elbert Higginbotham and Rebecca Bess at 1776 Black Canyon Road, Space

5, in Heber, Arizona. During consensual encounter Higginbotham and Bess were found to be in possession of five individual baggies of methamphetamine that was packaged for sale.


On 4/21/05 at approximately 1155 hours MCAT Detectives responded to 1776 Black Canyon Road, Space

5, in Heber, Arizona to make contact with a Gail Yvonne Eme. Upon our arrival at the residence we made contact with a white male who was working in the front yard of Eme&

s residence. This subject identified himself as being Elbert Higginbotham. Lt. Clark asked Higginbotham if he lived at this residence. Higginbotham said that he did not, he just comes over every once in a while to take care of the yard and check the residence while Gail is away.

Lt. Clark then advised Higginbotham that we were at this residence because we received information that there may be illegal drug activity occurring here. Lt. Clark then asked Higginbotham if he knows anything about illegal drug activity going on at this trailer, Higginbotham said no. Lt. Clark then said come be straight up I&

m sure you have a little head stash. Higginbotham then said to Lt. Clark, alright straight up, I have a little bit of meth. Lt. Clark asked Higginbotham where it was at. Higginbotham said that it was inside the trailer, and I&

ll go get it for you. Higginbotham then invited us into the trailer. Detective Plumb and I followed Higginbotham into the trailer and Higginbotham made contact with a White female. Higginbotham then introduced the female to us as being his wife Rebecca.

Higginbotham then told Rebecca to go get the stuff, Rebecca then said what stuff. Higginbotham then told here the meth. Higginbotham told Rebecca that he was being straight up with the officers and he told them about the meth. Rebecca then began walking towards the rear of the trailer, Det. Plumb followed her. While they were in the back room I stayed with Higginbotham in the living room. Higginbotham told me that he was straight up with us because him and his wife are getting to old to be doing this shit anymore, and now maybe this will help them realize it is time to get out of it.

As Higginbotham was speaking to me I saw that there was a shotgun lying on the living room floor. I asked Higginbotham who&

s gun it was, Higginbotham said it was his. I asked Higginbotham why he had a gun at the residence if he only stops by every once in a while. Higginbotham then told me that him and his wife have been staying at Gail&

s trailer while she is away. I asked Higginbotham how long Gail has been gone, He said a couple of weeks.

Lt. Clark then came up to the front door and asked Higginbotham if he could speak to him outside. Before Higginbotham stepped outside I asked him for some identification, he handed me his Arizona drivers license. Shortly after Higginbotham stepping outside, Det. Plumb and Rebecca returned to the living room. Detective Plumb showed me what Rebecca had gotten from the rear bedroom, I saw that it was a baggie with a crystalized substance inside that appeared to be methamphetamine (it should be noted that this substance was later field tested and tested positive for being methamphetamine). Detective Plumb advised me that it was in the rear bedroom next to the right side of the bed.

I asked Rebecca what here full name was and if she had any identification. While Rebecca was getting her identification she told me here last name was Higginbotham. Rebecca handed me her Arizona drivers license and it had the name of Rebecca Ann Bess. I asked Rebecca if she goes by Bess or Higginbotham, Rebecca said she goes by Higginbotham, she just hasn&

t gotten a new license yet. After speaking with Rebecca I began to write down the information from their Arizona drivers licenses. Detective Plumb and I then Walked out of the trailer and made contact with Detective Rush and Lt. Clark. Lt. Clark advised me that Higginbotham admitted to using and selling methamphetamine.

The baggies of the crystalized substance were place into evidence and sent to the Arizona Department of public safety crime lab for analysis.

Nothing further.

C. Baker