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Higginbothams missing ... again

Elbert Higginbotham and his wife Rebecca Ann Bess were missing for 17 days before they were found. Now they are, again, missing.

Jackson County Sheriff&

s Department had obtained an arrest warrant for the pair, but when deputies went to pick them up today, they were no longer at either of the Ashland addresses where they had been staying.

One of the deputies who went to arrest them confirmed that they had picked up their now-famous RV last night.


Maybe they are heading back to Arizona to take care of this,&

he said.

Ed Hill, father of the Higginbotham&

s daughter-in-law, said the Arizona couple left on Sunday night, after retrieving their motorhome.


They got on the freeway and headed north,&

he said. &

They might be almost to Canada by now. Oregon doesn&

t want them and Arizona doesn&

t want them either. We gave them $38 for gas &


s all we had.&

He added that he was not particularly sad to see them go.



m glad I only met him once,&

Hill said, noting that Higginbotham&

s alleged criminal past has cast a dark shadow over the rest of the family&

s harrowing and heroic adventure. &

I feel a lot better now that the stress is off the kids.&

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