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AHS grads slaying still confounds

Mysteries remain in the death of a 20-year-old Ashland man whose body was found in unincorporated eastern Multnomah County at 12:30 a.m. Thursday.

While Evian &

s family mourned Friday, &

s former high school counselor and teacher remembered the young man as a driven, acheiving and involved high school student.


He was really into activism,&

Steve Smith, &

s high school counselor, said Friday. &

He got passionate about the local scene.&

Smith counseled throughout his high school career and lost contact with him for the most part after graduation.


He was pretty unfocused when he started here,&

Smith said. &

I didn&

t even think he was college type material. Then he got fired up.&

Getting fired up, for , meant getting involved in school and community politics and putting his focus on support of education and motivating other young people to get involved in the political process. About halfway through high school, took a government class that lit a fire in him to take action politically.

the time graduation rolled around, Smith was writing a letter of recommendation to the George Washington University office of admissions. Smith outlined &

s active attitude and ability to motivate others politically.


He firmly believes that he can make a difference in the world through political involvement,&

Smith wrote in the letter.

was accepted into George Washington and continued his political activism through an organization called NSU that helped get students involved in the political process. However, in 2004, the organization folded, and wrote an e-mail to his former Leadership class teacher Leeanne Wallace.

Wallace, an English teacher at Ashland High, said she always found glimmers of hope in that inspired her to believe in the power of youth.


He saw what happened when people would work together,&

Wallace said.

Despite a disillusioned tone to his e-mail, Wallace said she saw a voice of hope shining through.


The NSU is over &

for now, at least,&

wrote. &

I don&

t see any re-emergence in the near future either, unless there is major vocal support. However, anyone who knows me knows that I will never, NEVER stop working for the good of society.&

After &

s organization was no longer, he later moved to Portland, where Smith said he may have owned a business &

possibly a coffee shop.

On &

s myspace.com account blog, he consistently made reference to his business and a loathing of Starbucks and other corporate coffee companies in the weeks before his death. He also mentioned a trip to Canada.

In a March 21 entry on his blog, wrote: &

Pardon me for acting strange over the last few days and next few weeks. Given the circumstances, and choices I may or may not make, I don&

t know how else to act (quite frankly)!&

As most everything surrounding is shrouded in mystery at this point, those who knew him are remembering the positives and mourning the loss of a motivated, passionate man


He gave me a sense of hope for what young people are,&

Wallace said.