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Turn on red allowed from Stewart to Barnett

We live in Phoenix and travel to the dog park on Barnett and Highland at least three times a week. You have previously written regarding the right turn on red from Stewart onto Barnett around Hometown Buffet. We have always turned on red, when it is safe to do so, out of the left-hand lane into the left-hand lane on Barnett so we can turn left at the Dairy Queen to park and walk across the bridge to the dog park.

Recently, we noticed the new solid white stripe(s) on Barnett that we must cross in order to make the right turn from Stewart. Are we right or wrong in continuing to turn right on red now? Please explain.- Len & Cris P., Phoenix

You are still correct, and encouraged, to make the turn, when it is safe to do so.

The new striping on the road is actually a guide to help those folks turning from either the right or left lane. Those turning from the right lane get to choose to turn either into the rightmost lane or the center lane of Barnett Road depending on whether they are planning to hit the freeway southbound or go toward Rogue Valley Medical Center. Those turning, like you, from the left lane, must turn into the leftmost eastbound lane on Barnett.

The hope is that the new striping will reduce the number of drivers who wrongfully turn from the leftmost lane into the center lane of Barnett, rather than the appropriate left lane of Barnett.

The only stripe you cross, if turning properly, is the stripe that guides those drivers coming off the southbound freeway and turning eastbound onto Barnett. It serves the same purpose for those drivers, in that it shows them they should be turning into the leftmost lane and not drifting across lanes. Drifting across, in effect, prevents those people on Stewart from turning right, because they are worried about cars coming over into the lane they'll be turning into, rather than staying in the leftmost lane like they should be doing.

There is nothing wrong with crossing over that stripe as you turn from Stewart onto Barnett, so as I say, keep on making that turn when safe and we'll all get around a little bit better.