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Two jailed in rape of intoxicated juvenile

A traumatized 14-year-old girl is receiving counseling after two men allegedly plied her with alcohol at a party Thursday night, then raped her, Medford police say.

"This case is like many others I've seen where the emotional effects of being victimized are long-lasting," said Medford Police Sgt. Mike Budreau.

The case is also like others in which the girl's parents apparently didn't know their daughter was at a party, he said.

"What always surprised me is that the parents do not know where their kids are," said Budreau.

After investigating the allegations, police on Sunday arrested Medford cousins Ricardo Martinez-Uribe, 19, and Ivan Uribe, 23, on charges of felony rape. They are being held in Jackson County Jail on $1 million bail each.

The girl, whose name is being withheld, was given enough beer and liquor to be rendered incapacitated when the attack occurred, investigators determined. No date rape drugs were thought to have been used, said Budreau.

"She remembers bits and pieces, but doesn't recall everything with great detail," he said. "During the attack, she was not able to provide any verbal response whatsoever."

He said the girl drank voluntarily, but teenagers generally are not able to control their level of intoxication. "They drink too much, so they are not able to care for themselves," he said.

Investigators are still trying to determine where the party took place, Budreau said. Other minors reportedly were present.

The girl reported she had been raped about 24 hours after the attack when she confided in a family member. Budreau said investigators were able to collect evidence that can be used against the suspects.

When the girl spoke to investigators, she remembered only the first names of her attackers.

"She told one of our officers, 'I think it's Ivan and Ricardo â€" they're cousins,' " he said. A police officer remembered encountering someone named Ivan at a local high school and the pieces fell into place, said Budreau.

He said he hopes other parents take heed from this case and pay close attention to where their children spend the night. He suggested always calling the parents of the other child to confirm. He cautions parents to pay close attention to Facebook and MySpace accounts to determine what their children are doing.

Marlene Mish, executive director of Jackson County Children's Advocacy Center, said sexual assaults are far more common than many people realize.

Sometimes the victims, particularly adolescents, don't want to talk about what happened to them. Many victims want to shower and throw away undergarments after an attack, but they are also throwing away valuable evidence, she said.

Whatever the situation, Mish said, a sexual assault is traumatic for the entire family.

"It's one of a parent's worst nightmares," she said.

Reach reporter Damian Mann at 776-4476. dmann@mailtribune.com.