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Lenz wins second in a row in modifieds

WHITE CITY — After a spectacular win a week earlier, Scott Lenz came back to capture yet another checkered flag in the modified stock car division at Southern Oregon Speedway Saturday.

The modifieds race got off to a delayed start after two full restarts, one of which was caused by C.J. Putnam's full roll in a borrowed car.

Competition through the remainder of the race was tight; there was three-wide racing all the way around the track with Albert Gill, Brad Alfrey and Mark Wauge battling it out for the second, third and fourth spots behind the leader, Lenz. Wauge went to the pits with mechanical difficulties. Matt Duste sped ahead to take second place and Albert Gill finished in third.

Frank Word III took yet another win in the pro stocks A main event. Jim Hill led most of the race with John David Duffie close behind in second and Word III and Ron Willis neck-and-neck for third. On the 17th lap, Word III, Duffie and Hill were three-wide for the lead. Hill spun out and Word III came in to finish in first. Duffie finished in second and Butch Poppa came in third.

Krista Hadley won her second main event of the season in the Super 4s. The race started out with Parker Jones in the lead. By the fourth lap, Terry Hadley was holding a strong lead with Krista Hadley in second for most of the race. Krista Hadley took the lead on the last lap and finished in first. Terry Hadley came in second and Jones in third.

In the mini stocks, Jim Pope was leading by the fourth lap and won the race after lapping the entire field. Toby Judd, John Derby and Jessie Reinhard fought for second and third places for much of the race; Judd finished in second and Reinhard placed third.

Saturday's Results


A MAIN — 1, Scott Lenz; 2, Matt Duste; 3, Albert Gill; 4, Brad Alfrey.

HEAT 1 — 1, Scott Lenz; 2, Mark Wauge; 3, Joe Benton; 4, Brian Poppa.

HEAT 2 — 1, Matt Duste; 2, Albert Gill; 3, CJ Putnam; 4, Chris Charlton.

HEAT 3 — 1, Mike "Zues" Johnson; 2, Brad Alfrey; 3, Curt Coggins; 4, Monte Bischoff.


A MAIN — 1, Frank Word III; 2, John David Duffie; 3, Butch Poppa; 4, Darrin Morris.

HEAT 1 — 1, Frank Word III; 2, Doug Tumey; 3, Darin Morris; 4, Jim Hill.

HEAT 2 — 1, Butch Poppa; 2, Ron Willis; 3, John David Duffie; 4, Keith Scott.


A MAIN — 1, Krista Hadley; 2, Terry Hadley; 3, Parker Jones; 4, Belinda Duste.

HEAT 1 — 1, Krista Hadley; 2, Justin Holt; 3, Steve Thompson; 4, Dave Kyker.

HEAT 2 — 1, Terry Hadley; 2, Parker Jones; 3,Tony Christopher; 4, Belinda Duste.


A MAIN — 1, Jim Pope; 2, Toby Judd; 3, Jessie Reinhard; 4, John Derby.

HEAT 1 — 1, Jim Pope; 2, Dan Borror; 3, Bob Burkett; 4, Tres Flemming.

HEAT 2 — 1, Toby Judd; 2, Jason Robustelli; 3, David Steele; 4, Glen Severson.

HEAT 3 — 1, John Derby; 2, Jim Medeiros; 3, Jessie Reinhard; 4, Matt Guider.