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Lenz takes A main at Father's Night

Scott Lenz won the Southern Oregon Speedway's Father's Night main event Saturday night, but not without a fight.

Dennis Silva held the lead from the outset with Scott Lenz right on his tail and Dave Duste Jr. not far behind after moving all the way up from 18th in the field.

On the 15th lap, Lenz and Duste Jr. moved past Silva and fought it out for the lead. They were nose to nose for a stretch until Lenz sped ahead on the 20th lap. Duste Jr. came in second and Silva finished in third.

Brian Poppa held the lead in the pro stocks main event from the drop of the green flag. His father, Butch Poppa, was unable to race, and Brian took his place for the night. The 76 car that Poppa was driving had not yet successfully finished a race. Poppa's capabilities were demonstrated in the event. Poppa's top speed was 67.3 mph and second place, Frank Word III, was at least a few car lengths behind Poppa throughout the majority of the race. John David Duffie finished in third.

Parker Jones captured the checkered flag in the super fours feature event.

The win was his first feature victory. The race got off to a slow start after multiple spinouts by various competitors.

Brian Johnsen held a strong lead for most of the race until he spun out in the 18th lap and Jones swept in to take his place. Tony Christopher took second place while Terry Hadley was third.

Jim Pope won the mini stocks A main event after also winning both the trophy dash and a heat race. After starting 10th, Pope moved up to the lead in the 15th lap. John Derby, who led the first part of the race, gave Pope a tough fight for first place. Derby finished in second and Dan Borror finished in third.

Saturday's Results


A MAIN ­— 1, Scott Lenz; 2, Dave Duste Jr.; 3, Dennis Silva; 4, CJ Putnam; 5, Jeff Hudsen

TROPHY DASH ­— 1, Scott Lenz; 2, CJ Putnam; 3, Mike Johnson; 4, Preston Jones

HEAT 1 ­— 1, Mark Wauge; 2, Preston Jones; 3, Bruce Rayburn; 4, Albert Gill

HEAT 2 ­— 1, Scott Lenz; 2, Joe Benton; 3, Monte Bischoff; 4, Chris Charlton

HEAT 3 ­— 1, CJ Putnam; 2, Mike Johnson; 3, Ray Kniffen, Jr., Brad Alfrey


A MAIN ­— 1, Brian Poppa; 2, Frank Word III; 3, John David Duffie; 4, Jake Word

TROPHY DASH ­— 1, Jake Word; 2, Travis Perry; 3, Dave Yochum

HEAT 1 ­— 1, Jake Word; 2, Doug Tumey; 3, Frank Word III; 4, Rob Fitzsimmons

HEAT 2 ­— 1, Travis Perry; 2, Dave Yochum; 3, Ron Willis; 4, Bill Geyer


A MAIN ­— 1, Parker Jones; 2, Tony Christopher; 3, Terry Hadley; 4, Dave Duste

TROPHY DASH ­— 1, Parker Jones; 2, Brian Johansen; 3, Tony Christopher

HEAT 1 ­— 1, Tony Christopher; 2, John Barger, Jr.; 3, Nolan Fincher; 4, Dan King

HEAT 2 ­— 1, Brian Johnsen; 2, Parker Jones; 3, Terry Hadley; 4, Krista Hadley


A MAIN ­— 1, Jim Pope; 2, John Derby; 3, Dan Borror; 4, Toby Judd

TROPHY DASH ­— 1, Jim Pope; 2, John Derby; 3, Toby Judd; 4, Matt Guider

HEAT 1 ­— 1, Jim Pope; 2, Matt Guider; 3, Steve Goetz; 4, Jill Wilson

HEAT 2 ­— 1, John Derby; 2, Jeff Thompson; 3, Robby Bobby; 4, Robert Richey

HEAT 3 ­— 1, Toby Judd; 2, Corey Provost; 3, Dab Borror; 4, David Steele