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Wauge captures his first modified victory

WHITE CITY — Mark Wauge had his work cut out in the modified A main at the Southern Oregon Speedway Saturday.

Wauge had to weave his way through the field from the No. 15 starting position to register his first A main victory of the season.

Albert Gill held the lead for the majority of the race, with Wauge right on his bumper for a good stretch. Wauge moved into the lead on the 17th lap and held it through the end of the race. Gill finished second and Scott Lenz came in third.

Frank Word III took the checkered flag in the pro stocks feature race.

Rob Fitzsimmons led the race from the second lap until Word III cut through the field from the eighth position to the front on the eighth lap. Word III built a quarter-lap lead by the end of the race. Fitzsimmons finished second and Ron Willis came in third.

Dan Estramado won the super four A main event.

Tony Christopher led the first portion of the race with Estramado in second and Krista Hadley and Terry Hadley in third and fourth places, respectively. Estramado grabbed the lead on the fifth lap and Christopher lost a tire four laps later, relinquishing second position and going to the pits. The Hadleys collided in the eighth lap, causing a yellow flag and losing their positions in the field.

Estramado held a comfortable lead through the end of the race. Parker Jones came in second and Terry Hadley recovered from the back of the field to take third.

In the mini stocks, John Derby held a steady lead throughout the race until the last turn when Toby Judd made a late pass to take the victory. David Steele finished third.

Saturday's Results


A MAIN — 1, Mark Wauge; 2, Albert Gill; 3, Scott Lenz; 4, CJ Putnam; 5, Dave Duste Jr.

TROPHY DASH — 1, Scott Lenz; 2, Mark Wauge; 3, Travis Peery; 4, Brad Alfrey.

HEAT 1 — 1, Mark Wauge; 2, Travis Peery; 3, Matt Duste; 4, Justin Estramado.

HEAT 2 — 1, Scott Lenz; 2, CJ Putnam; 3, Bruce Rayburn Jr.; 4, Dennis Silva.

HEAT 3 — 1, Preston Jones; 2, Brad Alfrey; 3, Dave Duste Jr.; 4, Tracey Bradley.


A MAIN — 1, Frank Word III; 2, Rob Fitzsimmons; 3, Ron Willis; 4, Jake Word; 5, Darin Morris.

TROPHY DASH — 1, Frank Word III; 2, Rob Fitzsimmons; 3, Darin Morris; 4, Arlen Heath.

HEAT 1 — 1, Darin Morris; 2, Arlen Heath; 3, John Duffie; 4, Rob Willis.

HEAT 2 — 1, Frank Word III; 2, Rob Fitzsimmons; 3, Jake Word; 4, Bill Geyer.


A MAIN — 1, Dan Estramado; 2, Parker Jones; 3, Terry Hadley; 4, Dan King; 5, Joe Guider.

TROPHY DASH — 1, Tony Christopher; 2, Krista Hadley; 3, Dan Estramado; 4, Parker Jones.

HEAT 1 — 1, Tony Christopher; 2, Parker Jones; 3, Dan King; 4, Dave Kyker.

HEAT 2 — 1, Krista Hadley; 2, Dan Estramado; 3, Terry Hadley; 4, Joe Guider


A MAIN — 1, Toby Judd; 2, John Derby; 3, David Steele; 4, Steve Goetz; 5, Robby Bobby.

TROPHY DASH — 1, Jim Pope; 2, John Derby; 3, Steve Goetz; 4, Bob Burkett.

HEAT 1 — 1, John Derby; 2, Steve Goetz; 3, Toby Judd; 4, Corey Provost.

HEAT 2 — 1, Jim Pope; 2, Bob Burkett; 3, Dan Borror; 4, Robby Bobby.