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Barry, Engle meet today in marquee matchup

The match many anticipated in the Southern Oregon Golf Championships will come to pass.

It's just a little early.

Two-time men's division defending champion Mike Barry will go head-to-head with Daniel Engle today in battle of top young area talent at Rogue Valley Country Club.

Their match is at 10 a.m. on the outside course.

"For me, it'll be kind of a finals match mentality, where this is going to be the best it's going to get," said Engle, a recent Phoenix High graduate. "So I'm going to enjoy tomorrow and have a good time."

Barry and Engle played in the same foursome and got a good look at each other's action on Friday.

Playing the outside course, Barry defeated Dolf May, of Scottsdale, Ariz., 6 and 5, while Engle knocked off Todd Ostenson, 3 and 2.

There were no surprises in the men's division. Three-time winner Brooks Newsom and Chris Polski, who were co-medalists until Polski won a playoff Friday, each advanced. So, too, did J.T. Compher, a 2008 Phoenix graduate.

There was an eye-opener in the senior men's, where Bob Harrell, trying to match the record for most championships in the division, was defeated by Chris Littleton, 1-up.

Harrell is a six-time winner, one short of the standard set by Ed Godden.

Other senior winners included Kevin Klabunde and George Mack.

In junior-senior men's play, Brad Bills, Kevin Dixon and Jerry Eklund were among the victors.

The senior women played their first matches and medalist Bogey Loyd posted a 2-and-1 win over Barbara Oldfield.

Barry and Engle have a relatively short-lived rivalry. Barry competed in the U.S. Amateur recently, then came home, only to be defeated by Engle in the Rogue Valley Stroke Play Championships.

Barry will be a senior at Oregon State, and Engle will walk on to the Beavers golf team this year.

Engle captured the Class 4A state championship last spring, setting an all-time scoring record at 10 under par over two rounds.

"I'm very much looking forward to it," said Barry. "I'm not really the type of guy who wants revenge on him or anything like that. I think our games are going to match up pretty well together, and I think it's going to be a pretty good match."

Barry played a bogey-free front nine and zoomed to a big lead by winning the first five holes against May.

May rebounded on the 10th and 12th holes, getting a little help from Barry. The latter hit it out of bounds on No. 10 and hit a poor chip shot on No. 12 that cost him.

"I kinda lost my swing toward the end of my round," said Barry, who is attempting to become the first in the men's division to win three straight titles. "But overall, I played decent."

Engle thought so, too, from his up-close vantage point.

"Mike's obviously quite a player," he said. "He hit the ball very good with his driver and didn't need to make too many putts. He was striking the ball really well."

Engle wasn't too bad, either.

He hit the ball as well as he has all summer and had a lot of birdie putts inside 10 feet.

"I didn't make any of them," he said. "I putted pretty awful."

He played even par for 16 holes, and the longest putt he made was about four feet.

"I just tried to keep my cool today," he said, "and forget about my putter and just finish the match."

Now he has another one to look forward to.

"It'll be a fun match," said Engle of meeting Barry. "It'll definitely be the toughest match I've ever had, but I think I'm ready for it. It'll be a fun match and a learning experience, no matter which way it goes."

Friday's Results


Championship Flight

Mike Barry d. Dolf May 6 and 5; Dan Engle d. Todd Ostenson 3 and 2; Ryan Schaefer d. Kyle Bleser 1 up; John Warner d. Don Gorman 2 and 1; Brooks Newsom d. JC Riter 2 and 1; JT Compher d. Kevin Blum 3 and 2; Chris Polski d. Doug Olson 5 and 4; Casey King d. Travis Brink 4 and 3.

First Flight

Todd Dixon d. Brian Garrison 3 and 2; Greg Findley d. Dan Westbrook 20th; Tommy Smith d. Bret Breeze 1 up; Erick Pedersen d. Geoff Loomis 1 up; Justin Azevedo d. Jeff Barry 2 and 1; Mike Spiegel d. Dave Culbertson 3 and 2; Ryan Suvoy d. Nic Polski 1 up; Ryan Hawkins d. Rick Abel 1 up.

Second Flight

Alfanso Powers d. Greg Jones 19th; Jon Robinson d. Dave Judd 5 and 4; Hamilton Baehr d. David Hoff 2 up; Justin Wise d. Darrel Hunt 5 and 3; Thomas Avalon d. Sonny O'Grady 5 and 3; Jerom Gilbert d. Justin Duncan 4 and 2; Kyle Freeman d. Kelly Owen 2 up; Mark Wilson d. Brooks Gard 20th.

Sixth Flight

Rob Neff d. Joe Arneson 1 up; Jason Cox d. Steve Bernard 19th; Eddie Bostwick d. David Yu 3 and 2; Eric Ford d. David Raff 3 and 2.

Seventh Flight

Scott Weiland d. Rick Dyer 7 and 6; Mike Munden d. Tom Leavens 2 up; Keith Lallo d. John Murphy Jr. 19th; Garrett Doolen d. Matt Eschenbacher 4 and 3.

Eighth Flight

Chris Adderson d. Jon Purtzer 7 and 6; Dave Cuttrell d. Jake Crews 1 up; Jon Ausland d. Rick Lozano 1 up; Steve Ferreira d. Daryn Clark 7 and 6.

Ninth Flight

Glen Johannes d. Travis Boersma; Fritz Schuler d. Greg Jacobs 5 and 4; Joe Mahar d. James Parsley 1 up; Scott Reed d. Darrell Hunt 1 up.

Tenth Flight

Matt Hansen d. Matt Morris 1 up; Brooks Jenkins d. Jeff Childreth 1 up; Richard Buchler d. Jim Stormo 4 and 3; Mike Schmidt d. Tanner Lawton 2 up; Tom Jones d. Nic Corbett 1 up; Mike Running d. Jake Rockwell 1 up; Thomas Hamlin d. Lynn Knight 1 up; Scott Sterton d. Rob Hauck 19th.



Joe Jessel d. Bill Crenshaw 1 up; Jim Mansfield d. Brad Heilman 20th; Kevin Dixon d. Marshall Holman 2 and 1; Jerry Eklund d. David Street 3 and 2; Brad Bills d. Doug Ward 3 and 2; Scott McLean d. Chet Gonzeruk 2 and 1; Kevin Wu d. Ken Stringer 19th.

First Flight

Glen Clark d. Erick Doolen 2 and 1; Ron Harvey d. Dave Rowland 1 up; Pat Moore d. Alex Merkner 2 up; Joel Engleson d. Matt Sorenson 7 and 5; Scott Mayfield d. Brian Odell 1 up; Tom Pepple d. Jerry Quast 3 and 2; Tom Powley d. Scott Overy 5 and 4; David Kaplan d. Brian Adolph 5 and 4.

Second Flight

Dennis Slattery d. Randy Rupert 1 up; Jim Botsford d. Brent Orrico 3 and 2; Glenn Kilroy d. David Orr 1 up; Bruce Buehler d. Robert Husel 3 and 2; DeWayne Robinson d. Randy Goosmann 2 and 1; Gary Loeb d. Matt McMillin 4 and 3; Gary Sterton d. Tim Trower 1 up; Bob Tennant d. Scott Swendiman 20th.

Fourth Flight

Chuck Carnese d. Rick McCabe 1 up; Tom Hall d. Mike Galante 2 and 1; Steve Ausland d. Dennis Richards 1 up; Hank Munn d. Pete Nikolich 1 up; Dan Wayman d. Roger Peck 1 up; Doug Hartley d. Andy Luther 2 up; Russ Batzer d. Steve Watkins 2 and 1; Tim Hornecker d. John Buda 4 and 3s.


Championship Flight

George Mack d. Terry Newsom 5 and 4; Gregg Willits d. Steve Boldish 5 and 4; Kevin Klabunde d. Bob Dickey 3 and 2; Greg Miller d. Larry Garvin 4 and 3; Terry Anderson d. Dan Dixon 19th; Bill Shevlin d. Bob Bowers 2 and 1; Stein Swenson d. Tom Hamlin 1 up; Chris Littleton d. Bob Harrell 1 up.

First Flight

Bob Pond d. Pete Amorde 2 and 1; Jerry Cochrane d. Ron Primasing 5 and 4; Steven Welch d. Mike Miller 5 and 4; Larry Nilson d. Mark Fawver 3 and 2; Stan Smith d. Joe Riter 19th; John Dunkin d. Dodd Samuel 1 up; Don Pinkham d. Waren Wagner 1 up; Scott Weaver d. Ron Dixon 3 and 2.

Fourth Flight

Howard Phearson d. Tom Jamison 19th; Terry Tallis d. Jim Quincy 5 and 3; Mike Hornbeck d. Dick Entinger 6 and 4; Bob Crews d. Ken Phipps 1 up.

Fifth Flight

Ralph Perry d. Jody Thomason 2 and 1; Dennis Ramsden d. Bruce McDonald 4 and 3; Dick Sorenson d. Dave Mansfield 1 up; Al Schneider d. Tim Darland 1 up.

Sixth Flight

Jim Stough d. Bob Kaczor 1 up; Jan Garner d. Mike Trovato 2 and 1; Gary Mann d. Lee Fortier 2 and 1; John Barker d. Bob Doolen 4 and 3.

Seventh Flight

Jim Hauck d. John Root 1 up; Loyd Thompson d. Fred Moran 4 up; Gibb Mitchell d. Lael Collins 1 up; Elden Powley d. Richard Mitchell 1 up.

Eighth Flight

Steve Warrington d. Jim Barry 1 up; Pat Iribarren d. Pete Puljan 1 up; Terry Driskill d. Brian Schmitz 3 and 2; John Anhorn d. Warren Parke 1 up.

Ninth Flight

George Parsons d. Thad Hodgdon; Mike Arant d. Scott Lubich 1 up; Bob Reed d. Scott Milne 2 and 1; Phil Cash d. Malcolm Towns 2 and 1.

Tenth Flight

Jerry Hanson d. Tom Barry 2 and 1; Ken Gilmore d. Don Todd 19th; Dan Kosmatka d. Sid DeBoer 2 and 1; John Kilroy d. Mike Parsons 3 and 1.

Eleventh Flight

Steven Polus d. Paul Schleinitz 1 up; Bob Hutchins d. John Dickerson 2 and 1; Garth Harrington d. Ron Van Vleet 4 and 3; John Watt d. John Duke.


Championship Flight

Bogey Loyd d. Barbara Oldfield 2 and 1; Barb Pinkham d. Janice Crenshaw 3 and 2; Karen Cox d. Marianne Metzger 2 up; Deb Stuart d. Gail Jones 1 up; Judy Johnson d. Jan Hughes 3 and 2; Cathy Dunlap d. Linda Pons 1 up; Joan Dickerson d. Chrissy Bayless 5 and 4; Janice Davis d. Rosemary Harrington 4 and 3.

Second Flight

Teri Mayer d. Carolyn Crews 1 up; Maggie Kilroy d. Pam Turnipseed 1 up; Mary Botsford d. Stephanie Heilman 2 up; Paula Cracraft d. Vicki Mitchell 1 up; Janet Stark d. Carolyn Collins 1 up; Linda Basgen d. Coral Edwards 3 and 2; Nancy McDonald d. Becky Barry 6 and 5; Peggy Tomlins d. Nancy Gish 2 and 1.

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