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Drivers attempt to qualify for today's Lon Skinner

WHITE CITY — Qualifying for today's Lon Skinner Memorial modified race was the main item of business at Southern Oregon Speedway Saturday.

Saturday's events were designed to give racers many chances to make into the lineup for the Lon Skinner and chance at the $5,000 winner's share of the purse. The final lineup for the big race had not been decided by press time.

After two rounds of heat races, the top six in each of the first four of the five mains reached Saturday's A main, which will send the top 12 into the Lon Skinner field today.

Jeff Taylor smoothly took the win in the E main event. He started in seventh position in the twelve-car lineup and took the lead in the second lap, holding it until the end. Jason Beaulieu came in second and Jack Walden came in third. Frank Hazen, Chris Sieweke and Don Piefer also made the cut to enter the D main, in that order.

Rob Mayea won the D main event. Craig Hanson led the first four laps until Mayea whipped around from the back side to take the lead on the fourth lap. Hanson finished second, Steve Borror finished third, Jeff Taylor finished fourth, Don Camilli finished fifth and Jason Beaulieu barely made the cut for the C main event after Nick Trenchard spun out in the last turn of the last lap, losing sixth place. Dave Duste Jr. won the C main event after leading the majority of the race. Competition was heated between Scott Lenz and Brian Poppa for second place. Scott Lenz moved into second place on the tenth lap of the fifteen-lap event, with Poppa right on his tail in third. Lenz almost took the lead in the last lap but Duste Jr. shot ahead through the finish line. Lenz came in second, Poppa finished third. Brad Alfrey, Michael Paul Jr. and Lawrence O'Connor also made the cut for the B main event.