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Champs crowned at speedway

WHITE CITY — Bill Nutter went to the lead early and held it to the finish line in the sprint car A main Saturday, but Charlie Thompson captured the sprints season points championship at the Southern Oregon Speedway.

Chadd Noland led the initial five laps of the thirty-lap feature. Nutter grabbed the lead from Noland on the sixth lap and held off Noland's efforts to pass.

CJ Putnam won his first feature race of the season in the modifieds A main, but not without intense competition.

Putnam took the lead on the third lap.

In the pro stocks, Brian Poppa went wire-to-wire for the victory. Poppa secured his lead when John David Duffie, who held second place the entire race, got caught up in lapped traffic. Duffie finished in second place and Jake Word was third.

Frank Word III successfully defended his points championship in the pro stocks class.

Brian Johnsen won the super fours feature. Krista Hadley started out the race in the lead with Tom Williams in second place. Hadley held a strong lead until Terry Hadley and Parker Jones collided, causing a yellow flag and tightening the field. Johnsen came up from 12th starting position to take the lead by lap 12. Hadley finished second and Williams came in third.

In the last dwarf car event of the season, Justin Hood took first place. Chad Cardoza led the race until Hood swept around him in the seventh lap.

Saturday's Results


A MAIN — 1, Bill Nutter; 2, Garen Linder; 3, Chadd Noland; 4, Philip Del Rosa

TROPHY DASH — 1, Chadd Noland; 2, Bill Nutter; 3, Philip Del Rosa; 4, Charlie Thompson.

HEAT 1 — 1, Bill Nutter; 2, Randy Rodgers; 3, Charlie Thompson; 4, TJ Winningham.

HEAT 2 — 1, Philip Del Rosa; 2, Chadd Noland; 3, Dave Hibbard; 4, Garen Linder.


A MAIN — 1, CJ Putnam; 2, Mark Wauge; 3, Mike Johnson; 4, Dan Estremado.

TROPHY DASH — 1, Matt Duste; 2, Scott Lenz; 3, Mark Wauge; 4, Rick Hunsley.

HEAT 1 — 1, Mark Wauge; 2, Rick Hunsley; 3, Dan Estremado; 4, Mike Johnson.

HEAT 2 — 1, Matt Duste; 2, Scott Lenz; 3, Preston Jones; 4, Roger Lorenzini.


A MAIN — 1, Brian Poppa; 2, John David Duffie; 3, Jake Word; 4, Darin Morris.

TROPHY DASH — 1, Brian Poppa; 2, John David Duffie; 3, Jake Word; 4, Dustin Knight.

HEAT 1 — 1, Dustin Knight; 2, John David Duffie; 3, Darin Morris; 4, Jake Word.

HEAT 2 — 1, Brian Poppa; 2, Frank Word III; 3, John David Duffie; 4, Jake Word.


A MAIN — 1, Brian Johnsen; 2, Krista Hadley; 3, Tom Williams; 4, Dan King.

TROPHY DASH — 1, Brian Johnsen; 2, Parker Jones; 3, Dan King; 4, Kathy Ingram.

HEAT 1 — 1, Brian Johnsen; 2, Kathy Ingram; 3, Terry Hadley; 4, Jake Word.

HEAT 2 — 1, Parker Jones; 2, Dan King; 3, Joe Guider; 4, Mason Smith.


A MAIN — 1, Justin Hood; 2, Jeff Harsha; 3, Fred Hay; 4, Greg Denton.

TROPHY DASH — 1, Greg Denton; 2, Ryan Smith; 3, Justin Hood; 4, Jeff Harsha.

HEAT 1 — 1, Greg Denton; 2, Ryan Smith; 3, Justin Hood; 4, Jeff Harsha.