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Aces are Wild!

Two Medford golfers defied tremendous odds Friday when, playing as a twosome, each made a hole-in-one on the same hole at Bear Creek Golf Course.

Paul Richards, 72, and Ron Mankins, 70, each recorded the first aces of their lives on the 93-yard fourth hole.

Richards has been playing golf for 52 years, Mankins for 56.

The shot occurred as the two played their weekly men's club round and was witnessed by Gary Reed. Reed, playing as a single, came upon the twosome while they were on the hole. He signed their scorecard.

Richards, who has a handicap index of 19.7, used a 51-degree gap wedge but didn't see his ball go into the hole. A shadow over the green hampered visibility.

Mankins, whose index is 22.9, used a 9-iron and saw his ball bounce before disappearing into the hole.

Only when they got to the green and looked into the cup did they see both balls.

Mankins shot a 34 to Richards' 38 on the par-29 course in south Medford.

A search of the Internet shows the odds of two players in a foursome making a hole-in-one on the same hole are 17 million to one. Those odds were calculated by Francis Scheid, a retired chairman of the math department at Boston University who was hired by Golf Digest in 2000.

The odds would be much greater for both members of a twosome to pull off the feat.