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NAME:Tim Munoz II.

HOMETOWN: Anchorage, Alaska.

AGE: 18.


HEIGHT: 5-10.

WEIGHT: 180.

BACKGROUND: I have been playing hockey since I was 4 years old. I learned how to skate on a pond in Anchorage. I played for the NorthStars for two years, where both years I was the assistant captain.

ROAD TO MEDFORD: The owners saw me and Kevin in Canada and called him first. Then he suggested that they call me, and they did. I came out to Medford in August for main camp tryouts, made the team and have been here since.

ROLE ON TEAM: To score on the power play.

HOBBIES: Sports, hang out with friends and family.

WHAT'S AHEAD: Keep going somewhere with hockey or college at the University of Alaska Anchorage for air traffic control.

PARENTS: Tim Munoz, Amber Sander, Gary Sander.

SIBLINGS: Keegan Munoz, Zahn Burke, Bailey Munoz, Ashley Russell, Jordann Russell, Richie Sander, Elle Sander.

HOST FAMILY: Kevin and Renee Wilkie.