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Bills bounces back in SOGC qualifying

Brad Bills put his tee in the ground, placed his golf ball on it and stepped back, waiting.

It was the first hole of qualifying for the Southern Oregon Golf Championships Tuesday at Rogue Valley Country Club, and Bills had taken his stance "… at the wrong set of tee markers.

He was at the blue tees when he should have been at the golds.

"I expected someone to say something," he said. "No one said anything. I was just playing."

Bills and two others created a buzz over the weekend when they were disqualified from the city championships at Centennial Golf Club for hitting from the wrong tees in the first round.

In the ensuing days, he had taken what he calls "pretty continual" ribbing.

Hence his prank Tuesday.

There was no carryover from the weekend faux pas, he said, and it showed in his play. He shot a 72, the best round posted in the men's junior-senior division.

Local men qualified on Tuesday in the 83rd annual event. Women and out-of-town men qualify today, with match play starting on Thursday and ending with championships in each division on Monday.

In a long history of tournament play, Bills was DQ'd for the first time.

"It was really weird," he said. "I felt like a bad boy, a bad child. But you know, the rules are what they are and they're that way for a reason, and that's OK."

With his qualifying round Tuesday, Bills would be in line for medalist honors in the division, but his score was adjusted, taking him out of the running.

Tournament rules stipulate that no player can take more than a "7" on a hole, thereby speeding up play. It further states that players with adjusted scores are not eligible to be medalist.

Bills originally posted an "8" on the par-5 12th after he hit his tee shot out of bounds, believing that if he didn't adjust his score, it would be considered for medalist.

After conferring, tournament officials — some of whom agreed there was ambiguity in the wording of the rule — adjusted it to a "7" a few hours after his round.

Todd Neilson was next in the junior-seniors with a 73.

In other divisions, men's senior player Glen Clark shot the round of the day, 67. He birdied four holes on the front nine and four of the last five. His score was stunted only by a bogey at No. 11 and a double bogey at No. 13.

Steve Wood was second in the seniors with a 70.

In the men's regular division, Mike Barry — who was in the group that was DQ'd in the city tourney — prequalified on Sunday with a 71. That score was matched Tuesday by Richard Owens. Alex Hobson, Daniel Schuler and Jimmy White followed with 73s.

In the super seniors, Bob Maentz leads the way with a 73, followed by Bob Harrell with a 76.

Bills got off to a good start, playing the front nine in 3 under par and remaining there until the fateful 12th, when he hit a hybrid out of bounds on the right.

"I'm not sure exactly what I did," he said. "Then I didn't play all that great. It kind of took the momentum away."

Clark, meanwhile, continued what has been outstanding play of late. He captured his second straight city title on Sunday.

"I'm just a streaky player, honestly I am," he said. "When I feel confidence with my putter, the rest of my game seems to come around with it. I can hit a few (poor) shots and still feel I can get away with it. That's where my game is."

He nearly followed his bogey at No. 11 with one at the 12th, but a 30-foot putt with 21/2; feet of break found the cup for par.

"I was so mad at myself," he said, "because to be in the shape I was in, trying to be cautious off the tee, and I just hit a terrible third shot."

He proceeded to double-bogey the par-3 13th with a suspect tee shot and chip.

About then, Harrell happened along and asked if he needed a caddie.

"I said, 'Yeah, that'd be great right now,'" said Clark. "Then I got it going."

Three of his late-run birdies were with putts of 6 feet or less.

S.O. Golf Championships

Tuesday's Results

Local Qualifying


Mike Barry 71, Richard Owens 71, Alex Hobson 73, Daniel Schuler 73, Jimmy White 73, Michael Stanfield 74, David Mayer 74, John Warner 75, Thomas Avalon 77, Justin Azevedo 77, Jeffrey Morgan 77, Travis Brink 78, Bryan Brutke 78, Justin Duncan 78, Daniel Wozniak 78, Kevin Blum 79, Brandon Crosier 79, Taylor Klemp 79, Kelly Owen 79, Alfonso Powers 79, Will Street 79, Steve Bernard 80, Chad Cota 80, Erik Hill 80, Jeff Barry 81, John Murphy Jr. 81, Mark Wilson 81, Jerry Johnson 82, Scott Weiland 82, Bobby Foote 83, Ryan Kantor 83, Mike Payne 83, Ryan Savoy 83, Jamie Burton 84, Justin Wise 84, Joe Arnesen 85, David Cuttrell 85, Orette Facey 85, Jake Grondin 85, Trevor Telford 85, Benjamin Wright 85, Eric Engelbach 86, Darrell Flora 86, Phillip Heiner 86, Dave Barney 87, Brady Rice 87, Greg Jacobs 88, Curtis Wagoner 88, Matt Stringer 89, Cody Stover 90, Steve Ferriera 91, Tanner Lawton 91, Tom Leavens 91, Chase Schumacher 91, Jordan Anderson 92, Matt Hansen 93, Andy McHugh 93, Scott Hansen 94, Michael Boffing 96, Ben Humphrey 99, Jonathan Purtzer 99, Kevin Anderson 101, Brian Carr, Mathew Daniken 102, Josh Godfrey 102, Thomas Hamlin 102, Jeremy Ross 106.


Brad Bills 72, Todd Neilson 73, Kevin Dixon 76, Bret Breeze 77, Jay Klemp 77, Rick McCabe 79, Keith Dierkes 80, Marty Morlan 80, Tom Pepple 80, James Anderson 81, David Culbertson 81, Derek Davis 81, Hank Munn 81, Dale Eklund 82, Mark Holden 82, Brian Adolph 83, Jason Cox 83, Bret Deforest 83, Todd Dixon 83, Tim Trower 83, Eddie Bostwick 84, Rick Jackson 84, Dewayne Robinson 84, Dan Westbrook 84, Don Boucher 85, Dave Judd 85, Todd Ostenson 85, Richard Warner 85, Brent Bart 86, Robert Neff 86, Alex Mann 86, Gordon Humphrey 87, Craig Knips 87, Eric Artner 88, Joe Mahar 88, Jerry Quest 88, Kevin Jones 89, Michael Jones 90, Brian Mosier 90, Scott Reed 90, Tony Nieto 91, John Walker 91, Dennis Richards 93, Mark Laurance 94, Terry Clement 97, Kevin Gowland 101, Joe Salamone 104, Jeffrey Adamson 108, Mark Chatelain 108, James Figueroa 110.


Glen Clark 67, Steve Wood 70, Robert Cox 73, Marshall Holman 76, Robert Husel 78, Tommy Powley 78, Billy Crenshaw 79, Craig Galpern 79, Mark Weiss 79, Bob Capsey 80, Gregory Miller 80, Robert Stassi 80, Ken Stringer 80, Bill Allen 81, Pat Daggitt 81, Mel Friend 81, Terry Anderson 82, Bob Crews 82, Bill Drewien 82, Larry Garvin 82, Howard Hunt 82, Jim McCabe 82, Jerry Eklund 83, Norm Veronneau 83, Ron Lewis 84, Scott Mayfield 84, Dane Smith 84, Mike Armitage 86, Bernie Frasier 86, Gary Gage 86, Gary Glass 87, James Palazzolo 87, Ron Harvey 88, John Lawton 88, Terry Smith 88, Wayne Van Wey 88, Scott Weaver 88, Billy Bednar 89, Terry Buntin 90, Dan Fowler 90, Peter Grosslight 90, Gary Bates 91, Doug Hartley 91, Dennis Slattery 91, Thomas Purtzer 92, Rick Holcomb 93, Dan Marshall 93, Ronald Moore 93, Mike Confer 94, Daniel Kosmatka 94, Chuck Bork 95, Thomas Jamison 95, Jeffrey Blum 96, Don Pinkham 96, Craig Prewitt 96, Shane Thurston 96, Lee Fortier 98, Darrell Flora Sr. 99, Scott Lubbich 102, Joe Hubbard 105, John Watt 106.


Robert Maentz 73, Bob Harrell 76, John Dunkin 79, Dick Brekke 80, Dan Dixon 81, Bruce Hanson 81, Ken Bailey 83, Allen Raduski 83, Fred Ferreira 84, Thad Hodgdon 84, Tom Hamlin 85, Jim Hatton 85, Dave Rasmussen 85, Mike Hornbeck 86, Ron Primasing 87, Larry Schmaltz 88, Ron Dixon 89, Michael Trovato 89, John Kruesi 90, Arn Wihtol 90, Chuck Kenney 91, Dennis Ramsden 91, Michael Goldman 92, Bob Hutchins 92, Jan Garner 93, Thomas Barry 94, John Anhorn 95, Bob Glover 95, Raymond Smith 96, Stephen Warrington 97, Gordon Carrigan 98, Bob Reed 99, Robert Methvin 100, Dick Kari 104, Bob Rickabaugh 104, Don Todd 107, Phil Gossner 109, Joe Sayre 114.


Melinda Heiner 88, Cathy Trower 98, Heather Wise 116.


Julie Austad 95, Tammie Allen 96.

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