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Folsom, Deja Vu go 2-0 at Challenge

Former North Medford High standout Halley Folsom helped guide the Rogue Valley Timbers Deja Vu U19 girls soccer club to a 2-0 start during the opening day of the fourth annual Rogue Memorial Challenge on Saturday at U.S. Cellular Community Park.

The tournament, which runs through Monday, features 167 teams ranging from the U10 to U19 levels. Squads from around the region are competing at the U.S. Cellular, North Medford High, South Medford High, Fichtner-Mainwaring Park, Spiegelberg Stadium and Jefferson Elementary.

On the boys U19 side, RVT 97B Adrenaline took the first step in defending its Challenge title by also going 2-0 on Saturday.

Folsom, who is a freshman track athlete at BYU, had three goals on the afternoon for the squad, which is coached by Jeff Thomas and made up primarily of recent North Medford High graduates. Deja Vu beat TFA Willamette Southside of Eugene, 5-0, in its opener and edged AC Samoa Intensity of Eureka, Calif., 1-0, in its second match.

Folsom recorded a fortuitous goal in the 43rd minute (of the 60-minute match) against AC Samoa Intensity. On the play, her attempt from 13 yards hit the crossbar, bounced off the Intensity goalkeeper and rolled in.

Folsom had two goals against the Eugene club.

Deja Vu also has three members of the Western Oregon University soccer team: former North star Sydney Thomas, Hawaii's Taylor Cadiz and Washington's Morgan Roan.

Goalkeeper Hayley Haas recorded the shutouts in goal for Deja Vu, which today plays GPYSC Tsunami at 1:20 p.m. at U.S. Cellular.

The Rogue Valley Timbers 97G Red girls club, winners of last year's crown, finished 1-1 on Saturday. Southern Oregon Soccer Academy Venom is 2-0 in U19 girls action.

The Adrenaline boys beat Table Rock Soccer Club Avalanche, 3-0, and downed Humboldt United of Fortuna, Calif., 4-0. For Adrenaline, Kyle Owings, Ian Bream and Coy Woods accounted for six of the seven goals, with Ben Lucero also tallying. Goalkeeper Darrin deGroot earned a pair of shutouts.

The RVT club faces Mad River Elite BU19 at U.S. Cellular at 9:20 a.m. today.

Here are a few of the other highlights of Day 1:

BOYS U16: The RVT 99B Red squad went 1-0-1 on Saturday. In its 4-0 win over GPYSC Adrenaline, South Medford's Charlie Stringer had two goals and one assist and Phoenix goalkeeper Giovanni Cook recorded the shutout. The club took third last year. Colin Pinkerton had the goal in a 1-1 tie against Deportivo Juventus.

GIRLS U16: RV Timbers 99G Red, scoring all its goals in the first half, finished the day 2-0 with a 5-0 victory over ASC U16 G Fury of Ashland and a 3-0 triumph against Rush Elites of Bend. South Medford's Hayle Mehl had two goals and Kaitlyn Weber and Lexi Schroeder combined in goal for the shutout against U16 G Fury. Mya Elder-Hammond of Ashland gave 99B Red the go-ahead goal against Rush Elites, and Weber had the shutout. The squad, led by St. Mary's girls coach Dave Potter, entered the Challenge hungry after settling for fourth place at the Oregon State Cup earlier this spring.

GIRLS U15: RV Timbers 00G went 2-0, beating International SC Players 01 of Reno, 1-0, and topping 4H Bayern of Salem, 5-1. Gabriela Castillo had the goal and goalkeeper Brinley O'Neill had the shutout against the Nevada team. Castillo had two goals and Meghan Michels added a goal and two assists against Bayern. The RVT squad entered with a strong resume: it was state runner-up at the Oregon State Cup and the Oregon Premier League champion.

GOALIE WARS: At North Medford High Saturday night, boy winners were Tyler Caster (U17-19), Kevin Huerta (U16), Sebastian Lopez (U15), Morgan Fuentes (U14), Giovanni Rodriguez (U13), Tyson Bastamante (U12), Colin Heusser (U11) and Luis Cabellero (U10). Girl winners were Morgan Roan (U19), Megan Cower (U16-17), Adrianna Garcia (U15), Jazzlyn Ross (U14), Kappas Kayden (U13), Nerea Alcoz (U12), Carmel Ashland (U11) and Danielle Taylor (U10).

SHELLEY GREEN AWARDS: Nate Qualls (premier boys), Talia Hutchins (premier girls) and Jill Rosie Holt (classic girls) received Shelley Green Awards on Saturday night. They are awarded to U14 players from the Rogue Valley who demonstrate a love for the game of soccer.



U19 — Rogue Valley Timbers 97B Adrenaline 3, Table Rock Soccer Club Avalanche 0; RV Timbers 97B Adrenaline 4, Humboldt United (Fortuna, Calif.) 0; Mad River Elite BU19 (Arcata, Calif.) 1, Basin United Soccer Club Lightning (Klamath Falls) 0; Mad River Elite BU19 1, Humboldt United 0; TRSC Avalanche 2, BUSC Lightning 0.

U17 — Corning Youth Soccer League Aguilas United (Corning, Calif.) 4, LFC 99 (Sparks, Nev.) 1; North State Soccer Kaos United (Redding, Calif.) 0, Rogue Valley Timbers 98B 0; LFC 99 1, Galt (Calif.) FC United U17 0; NSS Kaos United 1, CYSL Aguilas United 0.

U16 — Bracket A: Rogue Valley Timbers 99B Red 4, Grants Pass Youth Soccer Club Adrenaline 0; GPYSC Adrenaline 0, Cascade Rush (Bend) 0; Mad River BU16 (Arcata, Calif.) 1, Deportivo Juventus (Santa Rosa, Calif.) 1; Deportivo Juventus 1, RV Timbers 99B Red 1; Cascade Rush 1, Mad River BU16 0. Bracket B: ETFC Celtic Black 99B( Eugene) 1, Basin United Pumas (Klamath Falls) 0; Players SC North BU16 (Reno, Nev.) 5, Rogue Valley Timbers 99B Black Tornado 0; ETFC Celtic Black 99B 1, RV Timbers 99B Black Tornado 0; Players SC North BU16 5, BUSC Pumas 0.

U15 — Rogue Valley Timbers 00B Red 2, North State Soccer Kaos Rampage (Redding, Calif.) 1; Santos FC Beavers (Mt. Angel) 4, Mad River Elite BU15 (Arcata, Calif.) 1; NNSL Hawks (Reno, Nev.) 3, THUSC Steel (Portland) 0; RV Timbers 00B Red 1, Santos FC Beavers 1; THUSC Steel 2, NSS Kaos Rampage 0; NNSL Hawks 2, Mad River Elite BU15 0.

U14 — Cascade Division: Medford United Mutiny 1, Grants Pass Youth Soccer Club Rapids 0; Rogue Valley Timbers 01B Red 2, Table Rock Soccer Club Thunder 1; RV Timbers 01B Red 2, GPYSC Rapids 0; AC United (Anderson, Calif.) 4, TRSC Thunder 1; AC United 4, Medford United Mutiny 1. Siskiyou Division: Eel River Rapids BU14 (Fortuna, Calif.) 4, Basin United Nemesis (Klamath Falls) 1; Umpqua United Fusion (Roseburg) 7, Mount Shasta (Calif.) Summit 1; BUSC Nemesis 8, Mt. Shasta Summit 0; Eel River Rapids BU14 9, UUSC Fusion 0.

U13 — Cascade Division: Rogue Valley Timbers 02B Red 4, Grants Pass Youth Soccer Club Rebels 1; Ballistic United 03 Premier (Pleasanton, Calif.) 3, Ashland Soccer Club U13 B COMP-Shockwave 2; LASC Coras 03B (Portland) 9, GPYSC Rebels 1; RV Timbers 02B Red 2, Ballistic United 03 Premier 0; LASC Coras 03B 11, ASC U13 B COMP-Shockwave. Siskiyou Division: Rogue Valley Timbers 02B White 2, Upper Rogue United Eagles FC 2; Southern Oregon Soccer Academy Pirates 2, Mad River Rangers BU13 (Arcata, Calif.) 1; Players SC North BU13 (Reno, Nev.) 9, GC United Savage 0; SOSA Pirates 4, RV Timbers 02B White 1; Players SC North BU13 3, URU Eagles FC 1; Mad River Rangers BU13 2, GC United Savage 0.

U12 — Bracket A: Rogue Valley Timbers 03B Red 3, Eel Rivers Rapids BU12 (Fortuna, Calif.) 1; Table Rock Soccer Club Storm 2, Basin United Blaze (Klamath Falls) 1; TRSC Storm 4, Umpqua United Soccer Club Reign 0; RV Timbers 03B Red 2, BUSC Blaze 2; Eel River Rapids BU12 6, UUSC Reign 2. Bracket B: Humboldt Fire (Trinidad, Calif.) 1; Upper Rogue United Eagles 1; Tigersharks (Brookings) 4, Grants Pass Youth Soccer Club Vortex 0; CYSL Revolution (Corning, Calif.) 5, URU Rogue Eagles 0; CYSL Revolution 9 GPYSC Vortex 0; Tigersharks 4, Humboldt Fire 0.

U11 — Cascade Division: Grants Pass Youth Soccer Club Rebels 4, Players SC North BU11 (Reno, Nev.) 0; Ballistic United 05 Elite (Pleasanton, Calif.) 5, Rush Rampage (Bend) 0; Basin United Soccer Club (Klamath Falls) 2, GPYSC Flames Blue 0; GPYSC Flames Blue 2, Rush Rampage 2; Players SC North BU11 5, BUSC Elite FC 1; Ballistic United 05 Elite 2, GPYSC Rebels 0. Siskiyou Division: Table Rock Soccer Club Hurricanes 5: Ashland Soccer Club U11 B Avalanche 0; Rogue Valley Timbers Academy O4B Red 6, Medford United FC Blue 1; RV Timbers Academy 04B Red 5, SSSC BU11 (Sparks, Nev.) 3; TRSC Hurricanes 1, RV Timbers Academy 04B Black 1; MUFC Blue 4, Del Norte United Knights (Crescent City, Calif.) 2; RV Timbers Academy 04B Black 9, Del Norte United Knights 0; SSSC BU11 7, ASC U11 B Avalanche 2.

U10 — Cascade Division: Upper Rogue United Eagles 3, Ashland Soccer Club U10 B DEV 1; South Tahoe FC Challengers 3, Grants Pass Youth Soccer Club Riptide Blue 2; GPYSC Riptide White 3, URU Eagles 1; South Tahoe FC Challengers 12, ASC U10B Dev 2; GPYSC Riptide Blue 3, GPYSC Riptide White 1. Siskiyou Division Bracket A: Epuerto Sports Rebels (North Bend) 4, Ashland Soccer Club Avengers 0; Rogue Valley Timbers Academy 06B Red 2, WAFC Cachorros (Molalla) 2; WAFC Cachorros 9, Epuerto Sports Rebels 5; RV Timbers Academy 06B Red 7, ASC Avengers 1. Siskiyou Division Bracket B: Rogue Valley Timbers Academy 06B White 3, Southern Oregon Soccer Academy U10 Crossfire 3; CYSL Read Madrid (Corning, Calif.) 10, Mad River Steelhead BU10 (Arcata, Calif.) 1; RV Timbers Academy 06B White 5, Table Rock Soccer Club Cyclones 1; SOSA U10 Crossfire 5, Mad River Steelhead BU10 1; CYSL Real Madrid 10, TRSC Cyclones 1.


U19 — Bracket A: Southern Oregon Soccer Academy Venom 1, Rogue Valley Timbers 97G Red 0; Basin United Soccer Club Basin (Klamath Falls) 3, Mad River Humboldt Myst GU19 (Arcata, Calif.) 2; RV Timbers 97G Red 5, BUSC Basin 0; SOSA Venom 2, Mad River Humboldt Myst GU19 0. Bracket B: Rogue Valley Timbers Deja Vu U19G 5, TFA Willamette (Eugene) 0; AC Samoa Intensity (Eureka, Calif.) 8, Grants Pass Youth Soccer Club Tsunami 0; TRA Willamette 1, GPYSC Tsunami 1; RV Timbers Deja Vu U19G 1, AC Samoa Intensity 0.

U17 — Southern Oregon Soccer Academy Lady Pirates 1, Umpqua United Valkyries (Roseburg) 0; Redding (Calif.) Missfit Fusion 1, SSSC Lady Jags GU17 (Sparks, Nev.) 0; UUSC Valkyries 0, SSSC Lady Jags GU17 0; Redding Missfit Fusion 4, SOSA Lady Pirates 0.

U16 — Rogue Valley Timbers 99G Red 5, Ashland Soccer Club U16 G Fury 0; GBYSL Nevada Pride (Sparks, Nev.) 1, RV Timbers 00G White 1; CYSL Rebels (Corning, Calif.) 0, Rush Elites (Bend) 0; RV Timbers 99G Red 3, Rush Elites 0; GBYSL Nevada Pride 2, ASC U16 G Fury 0; RV Timbers 00G White 1, CYSL Rebels 0.

U15 — Bracket A: 4H Bayern (Salem) 1, MVLA Tornado White (Los Altos, Calif.) 0; Rogue Valley Timbers 00G 1, International SC Players 01 (Reno, Nev.) 0; RV Timbers 00G 5, 4H Bayern 1; International SC Players 01 1, MVLA Tornado White 0. Bracket B: Grants Pass Youth Soccer Club Crush 2, NSS Missfits Renegades (Redding, Calif.) 0; WV Vision Red 00 (San Jose, Calif.) 3, Bend FC Timbers 00G Red 0; NSS Missfits Renegades 3, Bend FC Timbers 00G Red 0; WV Vision Red 00 2, GPYSC Crush 1.

U14 — Cascade Division: PFA Irish United (Springfield) 2, Grants Pass Youth Soccer Club Bulldogs 0; MVLA Avalanche White (Los Altos, Calif.) 2, Rogue Valley Timbers 01G Red 0; RV Timbers 01G Red 2, GPYSC Bulldogs 0; PFA Irish United 1, MVLA Avalanche White 1. Siskiyou Division: Rogue Valley Timbers 01G White 1, Umpqua United Lightning (Roseburg) 0; SBSC Lady Nomads White U14G (Sparks, Nev.) 2, South Valley United 1; SBSC Lady Nomads White U14G 3, UUSC Lightning 0; NSS Missfit Phoenix (Redding, Calif.) 3, Rush Revolution (Bend) 0.; RV Timbers 01G White 1, Rush Revolution 1; NSS Missfitt Phoenix 1, South Valley United 0.

U13 — Cascade Division: Grants Pass Youth Soccer Club Blazers 2, Reno (Nev.) Breakers GU13 White 2; AC Samoa 02 (Kneeland, Calif.) 3, Capital FC Timbers Girls 04 Red (Salem) 0; Reno Breakers GU13 White 2, Capital FC Timbers Girls 04 Red 0; GPYSC Blazers 1, AC Samoa 1. Sierra Division: Rogue Valley Timbers 02G White 3, Redding (Calif.) Missfits Mayhem 1; Reno Breakers GU13 Blue 4, Ashland Soccer Club U13G Crossfire 1; Reno Breakers GU13 Blue 5, Redding Missfit Mayhem 0; RV Timbers 02G White 3, ASC GU13 Crossfire 0.

U12 — Cascade Division Bracket A: Rogue Valley Timbers 03G Red 6, GC United Spirit 1; RV Timbers 03G Red 6, Upper Rogue United Strykers 0; AC Samoa (Kneeland, Calif.) 2, GC United Spirit 2; AC Samoa 04 3, URU Strykers 1. Cascade Division Bracket B: SSSC Lady Jaguars GU12 White 1, RV Timbers 03G White 0; ETFC Lyon Black 03G (Eugene) 4, Grants Pass Youth Soccer Club Thunder 0; SSSC Lady Jaguars GU12 White 3, GPYSC Thunder 3; RV Timbers 03G White 2, ETFC Lyon Black 2. Sierra Division: Mad River Lightning GU12 1, RV Timbers 03G Black 0; Weed (Calif.) United 1, Umpqua United Soccer Club Tsunami (Roseburg) 0; Basin United Fury (Klamath Falls) 2, RV Timbers 03G Black 1; BUSC Fury 6, UUSC Tsunami 2; Weed United 4, Mad River Lightning GU12 0.

U11 — Cascade Division: Three Rivers GU11 (Longview, Wash.) 4, Ashland Soccer Club U11 G Sparks 0; WAFC Lightning (Woodburn) 4, Grants Pass Youth Soccer Club Rebel Chaos 2; SBSC Lady Nomads 05G (Reno, Nev.) 2, Three Rivers GU11 G2 0; WAFC Lightning 2, ASC U11 G Sparks 0; GPYSC Rebel Chaos 4, Three Rivers GU11 G2 2; SBSC Lady Nomads 05G 3, Three Rivers GU11 1. Siskiyou Division: RV Timbers 04G Red 3, NSS Missfits Shockers (Redding, Calif.) 2; RV Timbers 04G Red 1, Reno (Nev.) Breakers GU11 1; Redding (Calif.) Missfits Moxie 7, RV Timbers 04G Black 0; RV Timbers 04G White 2, Basin United Surge (Klamath Falls) 2; BUSC Surge 1, NSS Missfits Shockers 1; Redding Missfits Moxie 9, RV Timbers 04G White 0; Reno Breakers GU11 2, RV Timbers 04G Black 0.

U10 — Cascade Division: 4H Solo (Salem) 18, AC Samoa (Kneeland, Calif.) 0; Upper Rogue United Lady Seahawks 4, GBYSL Spanish Springs Wolves U10G (Sparks, Nev.) 0; GBYSL Spanish Springs Wolves 6, AC Samoa 2; 4H Solo 3, URU Lady Seahawks 1. Siskiyou Division: Players SC North GU10 (Reno, Nev.) 2, Table Rock Soccer Club Comets 0; Rogue Valley Timbers Academy 06G 3, Basin United Soccer Club Cougars (Klamath Falls) 3; Grants Pass Youth Soccer Club Rush 1, Table Rock Soccer Club Punishers 0; Players SC North GU10 1, RV Timbers Academy 06G 1; TRSC Punishers 2, BUSC Cougars 1; GPYSC Rush 3, TRSC Comets 2.

Reach reporter Dan Jones at 541-776-4499, or email djones@mailtribune.com. Find him online at twitter.com/danjonesmt