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Oregon ranks 30th in COVID-19 testing in U.S.

It seems like an enormous number of people have been tested for COVID-19. Do you know what percentage of the state has been tested? I haven’t been tested yet, and I know of a few people in my circle who have been tested.

— Jack M., Medford

There’s been a lot of testing over the past year, Jack, and more testing is being performed now than ever before.

As of Friday, 70,832 people had tested positive for COVID-19.

But, as to your question, about 916,000 people have been tested, nearly one out of four Oregonians.

Even though testing has ratcheted up, Oregon ranks 30th in its testing rate in the country.

In Jackson County, the number of cases of COVID has increased dramatically in the past few months, surging past 3,600 people infected, with the number expected to hit 4,000 by January.

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