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Jackson County logs 36 new COVID-19 cases Tuesday

Jackson County health officials reported 36 new coronavirus cases Tuesday, bringing the case count to 5,722.

Jackson County Health and Human Services considers 567 cases to be active or infectious.

The active cases include 15 children younger than 9, 26 youths between the ages of 10 and 19, 74 people in their 20s, 73 people in their 30s, 67 people in their 40s, 72 people in their 50s, 77 people in their 60s, 67 people in their 70s, 94 people 80 or older and two whose ages were not available, according to Jackson County Public Health.

As of Tuesday, 384 Jackson County residents have been hospitalized for COVID-19 and 69 local patients have died.

Those 384 hospitalizations include four children younger than 9, two youths between the ages of 10 and 19, 16 people in their 20s, 28 people in their 30s, 25 people in their 40s, 68 people in their 50s, 76 people in their 60s, 75 people in their 70s, 88 people 80 or older and two whose ages were not available.

On Monday, there were 64 COVID-positive patients in Southern Oregon hospitals — two cases shy of the record set Dec. 11, according to Oregon Health Authority data for the state’s hospital region 5 consisting of hospitals in Jackson and Josephine counties.

Since the 66-patient record set Dec. 11, the number of coronavirus patients has hovered in the 50s and 60s. The days with the fewest COVID-19 patients since the record was set were Dec. 15, 24 and 26, which each showed 54 patients.

More than 84% of the 57 intensive care unit hospital beds in Jackson and Josephine counties were occupied Monday, and nearly 86% of the region’s 445 non-ICU hospital beds were occupied.