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Intersection cameras likely to be renewed

Medford's red light cameras aren't expected to disappear anytime soon. The city's contract with Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc. is expected to be renewed at today's City Council meeting.

The council will meet at noon at 411 W. Eighth St.

The cameras, installed at the intersections of Biddle and McAndrews roads and Barnett Road and Stewart Avenue, have been monitoring traffic since 2002.

Last year 1,927 citations were issued, with the standard fine of $237, said Medford Police Sgt. Jerry Burchfield.

Redflex is given 50 to 70 percent of the revenue generated from each citation. The court gets $57 per citation, and the city receives the rest. Burchfield on Wednesday did not immediately have a total amount of revenue the city had received.

"The cameras have really controlled the number of accidents in the Biddle and McAndrews intersections," Burchfield said. "They do help."

All pictures the camera takes are sent to Redflex employees and checked for clarity. Pictures of possible offenders are sent back to the Medford Police Department where citations are issued in the mail. In addition, a Redflex Web site allows violators to view a 12-second clip of them committing the violation. If the driver's face or the car's license plate is not clearly identified in the photos, pictures will be discarded and a citation will not be issued.

If approved, the terms of the original contract will not change, and will be renewed for a one-year period.