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Police arrest suspect in White City knifing

WHITE CITY — A 22-year-old Medford man was arrested Tuesday for his part in a New Year's Day stabbing at a house party in White City, police said.

Daniel Regalado, whose street address was not available Tuesday, faces charges of riot, a felony, and second-degree disorderly conduct for allegedly showing up at the party in the 3200 block of Antelope Road with several friends and instigating the fight that led to the stabbing, Jackson County Sheriff's Department Detective Sgt. Colin Fagan said.

"We don't think Regalado did the stabbing, but he was present and helped cause the serious injury to the victim," Fagan added.

Police believe the violence is the result of an ongoing beef between the Norteño and Sureño gangs, which both have roots in California.

The White City stabbing possibly spilled over to a brawl in Medford later that day.

About half a dozen young men had clashed in the area of Fourth Street and Columbus Avenue, with one showing a gun, police said.

Police were looking for Regalado during an early morning raid Saturday on a home in Brie Terrace in White City.

He was known to associate with some of the residents of that house, Fagan said.

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters decided Tuesday that anyone with gang affiliations will not be released from jail because of overcrowding, no matter what their charges.

This is part of local law enforcement's "zero-tolerance" policy toward gangs, Fagan said.

"We will not release any known gang member early because of the escalating violence between these gangs (and the) continued threat to the community," Fagan said.

Police are continuing the investigation into the White City stabbing. More arrests are expected, Fagan said.

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