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Three-way stop in works for risky area intersection

Road crews will install two stop signs Thursday morning at the "crash-prone" intersection of Hanley Road and Highway 238 west of Medford, making the intersection a three-way stop.

Currently, drivers traveling on Hanley Road are not required to stop at the intersection with Highway 238, also known as Rossanley Drive. That will change Thursday morning when new signs will be erected.

Oregon Department of Transportation crews will install the stop signs after the early-morning commute. ODOT spokesman Gary Leaming said the signs will go up sometime after 9 a.m.

"It is a busy commute area with about 6,000 trips per day," Leaming said.

Leaming said traffic numbers have increased over the years, prompting ODOT to petition the state traffic engineer office to call for a three-way stop.

Leaming said making the intersection a three-way stop will help reduce the long lines of traffic that develop at the stop sign on Highway 238 in the morning and afternoon commute hours.

It also could reduce crashes at the intersection, Leaming said.

"We have a lot of rear-end crashes and T-bone crashes in that area," he said.

ODOT will install electronic warning signs at the intersection informing drivers of the coming change before installing the stop signs.

Another change might be coming on Highway 238 just down the road toward Jacksonville, Leaming said. ODOT is considering widening the right-turn lane on the Highway 238 that leads to West Main Street. A two-vehicle accident at that intersection sent five people to the hospital Friday.