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Possible Glazier jurors face rarely used query form

In a rarity among Jackson County criminal cases, lawyers on both sides of the Kaelin Rose Glazier murder case have mailed a questionnaire to potential jurors asking them to sound off on their views of the police, forensics and the judicial system in general.

The 17-page questionnaire went out to approximately 600 potential jurors, 12 of whom will decide the fate of William Frank Simmons, 31, who stands accused of killing Glazier in 1996.

The document does not contain specific details about the case, though it does ask jurors if they know Simmons personally or were themselves questioned by police during the investigation.

The Mail Tribune received a copy of the questionnaire, but had to wait until lawyers from both sides discussed releasing the document before Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Benjamin Bloom.

Simmons' defense team objected to releasing the questionnaire to the media, saying it could taint the jury pool and throw any verdict in the trial into question.

Defense attorney Michael Bertholf argued that the questionnaire should be treated as an internal court document and not released until the trial is finished.

"We do not want the jury pool tainted," Bertholf said.

Bloom disagreed, saying that releasing an uncompleted copy of the form would not harm the ability of the court to select jurors in the case.

Jackson County District Attorney Mark Huddleston said he did not object to releasing a copy of the form to the media.

"My position is that I believe it is a public record," Huddleston said.

Huddleston added that the form contains instructions that the potential jurors ignore all media reports about the case.

Jackson County Court Administrator Bob Kleker said it's rare for such a form to be mailed to potential jurors.

Kleker believes the last time it occurred in Jackson County was before the murder trial of Robert Acremant, who was convicted of murdering two women in Medford in 1995.

The form asks potential jurors whether they attended a public memorial for Glazier and whether they have ever been represented by members of Simmons' defense team.

Simmons was arrested for Glazier's murder on April 7, 2010, and indicted the same day.

Glazier's remains were found in a Ruch-area field in 2008. Simmons was considered a primary suspect for more than a decade. Kaelin allegedly stopped by his house on her way to her church youth group at the Applegate Christian Fellowship on Nov. 6, 1996.

Simmons' trial has been postponed at least twice already by his defense team.

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