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Wife, another suspect, arrested for murder

Police on Friday arrested two women believed to have murdered 34-year-old Michael Christopher MacCallum and left his body at the base of a steep cliff near Applegate Creek in Northern California late last month.

One of the suspects was identified as MacCallum's wife, Patricia MacCallum, 26. The other was identified as 27-year-old Amber Lubbers, who is an acquaintance of the MacCallums.

"It was a premeditated murder and we are glad to have them in custody," Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey said. "We believe they acted in concert."

The suspects were arrested in Medford on Friday after local officers were briefed that the two were possibly in the area. Medford police were ordered to keep an eye out for MacCallum's car and to take her into custody immediately on a murder warrant.

Lubbers was arrested first, followed by MacCallum later Friday evening.

Lopey said both will be held in the Jackson County Jail and will be shipped to Siskiyou County soon.

Michael Christopher MacCallum was found Nov. 20 after family and friends reported him missing. He celebrated his birthday Nov. 17 and had been on a camping trip in northern Siskiyou County near the Oregon border.

An autopsy revealed MacCallum had been shot and left at the base of a steep cliff.

Lopey declined to comment on the motive behind the shooting.

"Those are things we are working out over the course of the investigation," Lopey said. "We have theories, but it takes time to sort things out."

MacCallum's family member said he had a 9-year-old daughter and that he worked in Medford as a driver for Checker Cab and as a bartender.

Lopey said the investigation into the murder was "exhaustive and intensive" and that he was grateful for the help he receive by local authorities.

"We worked closely with Medford police, Jackson County sheriff and Oregon State Police on this," Lopey said.

The women will remain in the Jackson County Jail without the possibility of bail until they are extradited back to Siskiyou County to be formally charged in the crime.

The Siskiyou County sheriff is still looking for information about the case and is asking anyone with knowledge of MacCallum's death to call the agency's 24-hour dispatch number at 530-841-2900.