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Burglary suspect leaves ID behind

A pair of Medford-area transients were arrested on theft and burglary charges after one of them left an unintentional calling card — her jail-issued identification bracelet — at the scene of a weekend burglary.

Ronald Glenn Pollock, 33 and Apache Rose Hightower, 20, were arrested on second-degree burglary and theft charges on Saturday, police said. They were lodged in the Jackson County Jail, but later were released because of overcrowding, jail records show.

An officer first spotted Pollock and Hightower at about 12:30 a.m. Saturday as they carried an electric heater resembling a fireplace through the Medford Center, police said in a news release. They told the officer that the heaters had been given to them. Although suspicious, the officer sent them on their way.

A short time later, a 52-year-old Medford man flagged down the officer and said his business in the 600 block of Market Street had been burglarized. He told police that someone had entered his building, used primarily for storage, and taken two electric heaters, each valued at $175. The heaters put off heat and mimic the look of glowing logs in a fireplace. The burglars came through a door, which he reported might not have been locked.

Police said that in examining the scene, the officer found Hightower's Jackson County Jail identification bracelet. The bracelets issued at the jail display a photo, name and date of birth. Police said Hightower's was issued March 23 after she was arrested on a methamphetamine-possession charge.

"Usually people do not use that as valid ID, but sometimes they hang onto the bracelet for various reasons," Medford police Lt. Mike Budreau said. "We've seen these jail IDs on a pretty routine basis out in the street."

Officers spread out to look for Hightower and Pollock and quickly found them in the 300 block of Howard Avenue where police said they still had both heaters with them. They were arrested, and police returned the heaters to the business owner.

"They did admit to entering the building and stealing the heaters," Budreau said, adding it's not known whether they were going to use the devices or sell them.

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