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Medford police remind public: 'Don't wear other people's pants'

"These aren't my pants officer."

This is apparently a phrase Medford police have been hearing a lot lately, according to a post on the Medford Police Department's Facebook page Saturday morning.

It's typically uttered when police find drugs on someone.

"The suspect will sometimes explain ... that the said pants, which happen to contain drugs, were found at an unknown friend's house, and happen to fit nicely," the post reported.

"Medford Police would like to remind people to not wear others people's pants, as it seems to be getting a lot of people in trouble," the Facebook post continued.

"Medford police arrested five people (Friday) night for either meth or cocaine, none for heroin, which was a surprise," the police department's post elaborated. "We have investigated over 700 cases of drug offenses this year, most of those being meth and heroin. It's our second most reported crime, behind theft."

To follow the Medford Police Department's Facebook musings, see goo.gl/H4SGS8.