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Scam demands tax payments by phone

Scam artists are calling under the guise of state revenue or IRS agents and scamming people out of money, the Oregon Department of Revenue reported.

The Oregon Department of Revenue has received numerous reports from taxpayers who got calls from a scammer claiming they had a tax debt that needed to be paid immediately. The fraudulent caller then demands payment by wire transfer or credit card. The scam artist may also threaten legal action in an effort to get access to personal information like Social Security and credit card numbers, officials said.

Department personal tax program manager Ken Ross said in a news release that legitimate employees may ask taxpayers to verify some personal information, but will not demand it.

"If you think you're being scammed, end the call and contact us directly," Ross said in the release. "We encourage the public to protect themselves by verifying they're speaking with legitimately authorized representatives of the Department of Revenue."

Ross added all taxpayers who owe will receive a billing notice prior to any phone calls and that the department will never ask for money to be wired. Fraudulent calls should be reported to either 1-800-356-4222 or 1-800-366-4484.