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UPDATED: Medford police cite and release quick-handed cash theft suspect

Updated 3:20 p.m.

Medford police have cited and released Lumpy's theft suspect Jeremi Lathrop, 23, on second-degree theft charges. 

Lt. Mike Budreau said a series of tips on social media and over the phone led to police speaking to Lathrop on the phone this morning. Lathrop, who knew police were looking for him, agreed to meet them in a parking lot in the 600 block of Royal Court, where he received the citation just after 9 a.m.

"He was well aware that he was identified," Budreau said.

9:29 a.m. 

Police are looking for a quick-handed thief who snatched a wad of cash from a Lumpy's register while pretending to pay for cigarettes.

The incident happened at 9:23 a.m. Monday at 801 S. Riverside Ave., Medford. Surveillance video shows a thin man with short, dark hair wearing a Pantera brand shirt walking in and asking for a package of cigarettes. Police say the man handed over his ID and a $5 bill to pay. When the clerk opened the register to fish out the man's change — a nickel — he scooped up a handful of bills from the till and bolted.

Medford police shared the video on their Facebook page and asked the public's help in identifying the man. Based on the information they received, they have a suspect, but have declined to release the man's name until he's tracked down and arrested.

"Dozens of people contacted us to tell us who it is," said Lt. Mike Budreau.

The man is either 22 or 23 years old, based on the clerk's memory of checking his ID, Budreau added. His actions are being considered theft and not robbery, as he did not use force to take the cash. But it got close.

"It is pushing the envelope," Budreau said. "We're taking this a little more seriously than a typical theft because it's more brazen."

Anyone with information on the man's whereabouts should contact 541-770-4783.

— Ryan Pfeil

UPDATED: Medford police cite and release quick-handed cash theft suspect