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Police looking for man who paid for music equipment with counterfeit cash

Police are searching for a man who allegedly paid for $2,000 worth of music equipment with counterfeit cash last week.

The incident happened Friday, Sept. 12, at Guitar Center in Medford. The suspect is a white male who is about 6 feet tall, has bright maroon dyed hair that is shaved on the sides, numerous tattoos and clothes with chains on them. Police said he drove an older primer gray Chevy Suburban with a lift kit.

Police said the man had a good knowledge of musical equipment and paid for speakers, an amplifier, speaker wire, a mixer, microphone, pedal and guitar strings with 20 bogus $100 bills. He also gave the fake name "Steve Marlatt."

"But since it was a cash transaction that's all we really have," said Lt. Mike Budreau of Medford police.

Store officials discovered the bills were fakes the next day. One of three serial numbers was used on each of the bills. Police said the case is unusual because of the high denomination and amount of merchandise stolen. Typically, counterfeiters print smaller bills — $10 and $20 denominations — and make smaller purchase at gas stations and convenience stores to avoid detection.

"(Counterfeiters) usually stick to smaller denominations," Budreau said. "This is odd that it was higher denomination bills and that it was used to purchase actual merchandise."

The suspect would be arrested on charges of first-degree theft and first-degree forgery. Anyone with information about the man's whereabouts is asked to call Medford police at 541-774-2230.

— Ryan Pfeil