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Family rallies help for Mexican community

MEDFORD — At a time when most tourists are canceling or rescheduling plans to visit the hurricane-ravaged Baja California peninsula, Medford residents John and Shannon Wade are making plans not only to visit but to deliver needed supplies to a place they say has become a second home over the past decade.

The couple plan to visit the tip of the peninsula, Mexico’s Los Cabos, to deliver needed supplies after the area was battered Sept. 14 by Hurricane Odile.

Shannon Wade said she felt an immediate desire to offer help when she saw news reports of the category 3 storm hitting her favorite tropical destination.

The storm knocked down trees and power lines, leaving residents and tourists stranded without basic necessities and local businesses susceptible to looters and other crimes.

Wade said she and her family have traveled regularly to Cabos for the past decade and want to help longtime familiar faces.

“Something about the people and the place have captured our hearts. When I heard about the hurricane hitting on Sept. 14, my heart just sank and my immediate response was that we needed to get down there and help them,” said Wade.

At first, that help included sending financial support and keeping in touch with locals. Wade said she has now planned a trip for her family of four to visit the area Nov. 24. To that end, she’s collecting clothing for men, women and children, baby formula, bug spray and any other necessities that she and community members can amass.

The family of four will be able to travel with six, 70-pound boxes.

“We’ve been talking to people down there and it looks like what they need most is clothing and bug spray. The hurricane created some serious mosquito issues. And the baby formula just seemed like a good staple that would be needed and not weigh too much,” Wade said.

“We are still evaluating the best place to work with — but we have been talking to various agencies. We just want to get down there and help.”

A seasoned traveler, Wade said the people of Los Cabos have always been dear to her heart.

“Life is so simple there. The people are great and they work so hard and without a lot of modern conveniences that we have. You watch them tending to the properties with the utmost attention to detail. They carry beach chairs out every morning one by one on their backs. They rake the sand by hand,” she said.

“We’ve gone for so many years. There are waiters that remember our names every year, boat captains that have treated us like family and shop owners who remember us as well. It’s just a very special place.”

 To help with supplies, contact Wade via e-mail at sweetbugmom@gmail.com.

 Buffy Pollock is a freelance writer living in Medford. E-mail her at buffyp76@yahoo.com