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Pin-ball driver tilts gas pumps

A California man was cited Friday evening for allegedly intentionally sideswiping gap pumps at two Ashland stations, causing them to lean precariously. 

The Ashland Police Department cited William Watson, Jr., 63, of Citrus Heights, California (near Sacramento) for hit-and-run after he trashed gas pumps at Shell on Siskiyou Boulevard at Walker Avenue and Arco at the south Ashland interchange, said Ashland Police Sgt. Bob Smith.

Watson, driving a large Budget van, then drove across the freeway to the Chevron station, where he got gas and was cited for hit-and-run. The offense requires he appear in court in Ashland in person.

If he fails to appear, his driving rights will be suspended in Oregon, but he can drive in California, Smith said.

The citing officer asked the driver if he knew he hit the pumps and he said he did, Smith notes. After the ticket, he drove on his way, presumably to California, Smith said. The driver was not drunk, according to police, but staff at the stations said he seemed angry and not at all concerned with the considerable damage to the two pumps.

When asked if Watson should be driving, Smith joked, “He certainly shouldn’t be driving a big Budget truck.”