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Monical sentenced to 32 years in federal bank robbery case

A federal judge Wednesday sentenced convicted bank robber Bradley Monical to 32 years in prison for a string of robberies throughout the Pacific Northwest, bringing one of the region's longest running criminal sagas one step closer to its conclusion.

Monical's sentence follows a June 29 plea that resolved three federal bank robbery cases in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, and will run concurrently with a 34-year sentence he's already serving for the April 2011 robbery of a Sterling Savings Bank in Coos Bay, the December 2010 robbery of a PremierWest bank in Ashland and his November 2012 escape from the Jackson County Jail.

Monical's federal charges stemmed from seven bank robberies in Redmond, Medford, Klamath Falls, Walla Walla, Spokane Valley, Kennewick and Couer d'Alene, all committed between June and December 2010.

He still faces state charges of robbery and attempted murder in Marion County, where he allegedly fired a shot at citizens who chased him following a robbery. Nobody was injured in that incident. 

Federal prosecutors said Monical, 45, brandished firearms during most of the robberies, holding tellers at gunpoint while they filled bags with cash. During his 2011 trial for the Coos Bay robbery, Monical told the jury he had been walking by the bank when the real robber bumped into him and dropped a bag containing several thousand dollars in cash. The jury didn't buy it.

Monical was awaiting trial for the Ashland robbery at the time of his escape from the jail, accomplished by leaping from the jail's rooftop exercise yard onto a nearby tree. Following Monical's escape, then-Sheriff Mike Winters ordered the exercise yard covered with solid bars and the trees surrounding the jail cut down.

Monical was recaptured by deputy U.S. marshals nearly a year later in Oregon City, where he was found with his girlfriend, Carolyn Gibson. He was subsequently held in solitary confinement in the Jackson County Jail pending trial on the federal charges. Gibson was later sentenced to probation after pleading guilty to charges of concealing Monical from arrest and providing him with a vehicle.

In addition to the prison time, Judge Michael McShane ordered Monical to pay $68,698 in restitution and that he serve three years under post-prison supervision following his release.

Reach reporter Thomas Moriarty at 541-776-4471, or by email at tmoriarty@mailtribune.com. Follow him at @ThomasDMoriarty.

Bradley Monical