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Sheriff's office warns of phone scam

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is warning locals to beware of a phone scam that uses the names of actual officials to convince people to pay fines.

A man with a Southern accent has reportedly identified himself as "Captain Sickler" or "Captain Holloway" and made false claims of missed court dates and required fines in order to coax potential victims. Caller ID gave the number of the scammer as 541-214-0735, but detectives don't believe the caller is local.

Sheriff's Capt. Tim Snaith said two incidents were reported Wednesday, but no victims are known to have fallen for the scam.

Similar scams using names of sheriff's office personnel have been reported previously, most recently in September 2015. In 2012, a caller used the names of Medford police detectives to scam a victim out of nearly $6,000, according to police.

People who are contacted by the scammer are advised to report it to detective Ron Walch at 541-774-6800.