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The four phases of Adult Drug Court

Adult Drug Court prioritizes honesty and accountability. These are some of the mandatory requirements needed to graduate from each phase.

Phase 1

  • Be verified clean and sober at least 30 days
  • Have no court sanctions for 30 days
  • Attend weekly court hearings
  • Submit urine tests three times a week
  • Attend OnTrack treatment sessions as recommended
  • Lasts one month

Phase 2

  • Submit drug tests at random
  • Attend two 12-step meetings a week
  • Attend biweekly court hearings
  • Start payment schedule for fines and fees
  • At least 60 days clean and sober, and 60 days without jail sanction
  • Lasts four to six months 

Phase 3

  • Appear in court every three weeks
  • Submit drug tests at random
  • Begin probation fee repayment
  • Obtain 12-step sponsor or recovery mentor
  • At least 60 days clean and sober, 60 days without sanction
  • Read accountability letter in court
  • Lasts six to eight months

Phase 4

  • Appear in court every four weeks
  • Submit drug tests at random
  • Complete community project
  • Repay drug court loans and fees in full
  • Obtain employment or be enrolled in school
  • At least six months clean and sober
  • Lasts four to six months