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Scams promise money — or demand it

Two area scams prompted a good number of calls to Medford police earlier this week, with one involving scammers posing as law enforcement.

Police said they received about half a dozen calls reporting the scams Thursday.

In one, scammers contacted people claiming to be with Medford police. They used a spoofed number, one that mirrored the actual agency number in order to appear legitimate on caller ID. They then said they were calling to investigate "tax fraud," and that they required an immediate payment.

"We're not going to call you and say you need to pay us or you're going to jail," Medford police Lt. Kerry Curtis said. "That doesn't happen."

A Medford police Facebook post said, "If we want to arrest you, we will find you and put these cool metal bracelets on your wrists. Do not fall for this."

The other scam was an advertisement found on the Craigslist website. The post claimed interested parties would be paid by a private company if they allowed their vehicle to be wrapped with a company logo.

"They send you a fat check, and they ask you to send them back $1,700 or so for the cost of the vehicle wrap, which they claim they will send to the car-wrapping business, because they are nice people," the post reads. "Once you wire the money, it's gone."

A victim of this scam received a check from the scammers, Curtis said. It looked legitimate enough, but the bank realized it was fraudulent two days later.

"The bottom line is, if people are sending you money and they want a portion of that money back, it's a scam," Curtis said. "One-hundred percent of the time."

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