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Man arrested for allegedly firing gun at several area businesses

A man was arrested Sunday for allegedly shooting a gun at several businesses in Phoenix and Medford, breaking out windows.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Department and Medford police said the man, whose name was not available at press time, fired gunshots at D&S Harley Davidson in Phoenix and at three businesses in Medford, including Batzer Construction on Ross Lane, the Masonic Temple on North Phoenix Road, and Southern Oregon Auto Care on Kingsley Drive. No one was hit by the bullets.

The gunshots broke out several windows at D&S Harley.

"This is going to be thousands of dollars in damage," said Sgt. Rick Kennedy of the sheriff's department.

The man also shot into the sides of buildings and at vehicles parked at the other businesses. Sgt. Geoff Kirkpatrick of Medford police said the man's motive was still under investigation, but he may have targeted the specific facilities because he felt "wronged" by them.

Police arrested the man on his motorcycle as he was pulling away from Kingsley Drive onto Highway 62.

It is not known how many shots the man fired, and a total damage amount was not available. The case remains open.