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Murder suspect found mentally unfit

A man charged with murder for a 2015 shooting outside a Central Point convenience store has been found mentally unfit to participate in his own defense.

Robert Kahlil Davies-Calhoun, 30, charged in the November 2015 shooting death of 53-year-old Douglas Mitchell Spaur outside a Stop 'n Go market on Table Rock Road, was committed to the Oregon State Hospital in Salem, according to documents filed Wednesday in Jackson County Circuit Court. 

Davies-Calhoun was ordered to remain in the hospital until his mental capacity is regained, according to Davies-Calhoun's court-appointed defense lawyer Elizabeth J.C. Baker.

If Davies-Calhoun is unable to participate in his legal defense, he'll remain committed for a time equal to the maximum sentence a judicial court could impose, outlined in the court order as 25 years to life.

Circuit Court Judge Lorenzo Mejia attributed his decision to recent observations and correspondence from Davies-Calhoun and Jackson County Jail staff. Though the court order mentions a November psychological report and a September psychological evaluation, both of which are sealed, Baker says her client didn't participate in the evaluations.

Jail reports and handwritten correspondence filed Feb. 9 indicated Davies-Calhoun believed he heard voices, perceived as soft, low voices from a planted speaker in his cell. In late January, Davies-Calhoun filed a grievance at the Jackson County Jail asking for a recorder in his cell. 

"This is not just a case of 'hearing voices.' I would like a recording device placed in my cell with the ability to pick up low-decibel volume as proof," according to the form dated Jan. 30.

In another handwritten letter dated Jan. 21, he asked a deputy to turn off the "speaker," claiming he had been harassed since October by the voices.

"The speaker for some time now, 3 months, has been going on and off in my separation cell and in 316 disciplinary dorm," Davies-Calhoun wrote. "The police department has obviously allowed this to occur without any regard to my civil rights."

Davies-Calhoun allegedly waited outside the market in the 6000 block of Table Rock Road before shooting Spaur the morning of Nov. 5. The reason behind the shooting, Baker said, is "not rooted in reality."

In previous filings, Baker said Davies-Calhoun intended to argue self-defense for the incident, which was recorded on video surveillance, that "reveals no actions by the alleged victim which could rationally be perceived as hostile or offensive requiring use of deadly force."

Baker had previously argued that her client was unfit to proceed, even as Davies-Calhoun sought to dismiss her so he could represent himself. 

"Mental illness is not easy," Baker said. "My objective is to deliver services such that I'm confident my clients understand their rights."

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Robert Davies-Calhoun