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Scammers pose as sheriff's office personnel

Local report

No, the Jackson County Sheriff's Department isn't calling you to collect money over the phone.

Recently, though, scammers have been doing that, according to a recent Facebook post from the sheriff's office. It's a crime that pops up regularly, with criminals posing as police.

To sound legitimate, the callers mine personal information online, such as addresses and the names of relatives. They also will use a "spoof" phone number to make the incoming call look legitimate on caller ID.

The scammers trick their targets into paying money by threatening to make an arrest or impose additional fines. They will often call multiple times before they ask for money, the post said. They may ask to collect it through a wire transfer, cashier's check, or by purchasing gift cards.

Just hang up and call the police, the sheriff's office said.

"We do not call people to turn themselves in, to pay fines, or to otherwise demand money," the post said. "Prevention is the key here. Once the money leaves your hands, there is virtually no way to get it back."

Scammers pose as sheriff's office personnel