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Bomb squad handles blasting caps found near South Obenchain fire

The Oregon State Police bomb squad safely detonated what's being described as a "large amount of blasting caps" found within the scene of the South Obenchain fire.

On Saturday morning, bomb squad technicians and fire personnel were brought into the 9000 block of Butte Falls highway after the blasting caps were found within a fire scar in the area, according to a post on the Jackson County Sheriff's Office's official Facebook page.

Bomb squad technicians safely detonated the explosives on site early Saturday afternoon while all necessary safety and fire personnel were on site, according to the sheriff’s office release.

A call and email to a sheriff’s office spokesman was not immediately returned Saturday.

Officials alerted residents in the area that they may hear a series of explosions between 1:30 and 2 p.m. Saturday while bomb squad technicians destroyed the blasting caps in a safe manner on site.

"All the necessary safety personnel, fire personnel and precautions are in place to do this safely," the release stated.

The sheriff's office asks people to stay out of the area, and that there is no need to report the explosions to dispatchers.

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