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Police still trying to solve 2012 cab driver murder-robbery case

A file photo shows a candlelight vigil held Oct. 20, 2013, on Helo Drive in Medford, one year after the murder of cab driver William Huson.

It has been nine years since the fatal shooting Oct. 20, 2012, of Valley Cab driver William Roy Huson, who also went by the nickname “Huey.” Huson is believed to have been robbed and shot to death on — or soon after — his 58th birthday, while on the job.

Who killed him remains a mystery. Medford police want to be able to close the case for the sake of his loved ones and the community.

What is known is that Huson was flagged down for a night-time fare outside of Howiee’s on Front, a bar and restaurant on North Front Street between Main and Sixth streets in Medford’s downtown at that time.

It was 10:41 p.m. and other establishments nearby were operating as they normally would have on a pre-pandemic Saturday night. People were talking to Huson through his car window to arrange for a ride, but the suspect entered the back of the cab from the other side.

Medford police Lt. Michael Budreau said the case was diligently investigated and remains open. “We went over hours and hours of video,” he said.

While the quality of street video shot back in 2012 wasn’t as high as it is today, it was helpful.

Investigators talked to everyone they could think of who could shed light on the case. A large number of people also came forward to help by providing information at that time, Budreau said.

However, police hope that someone might have information that fills in one or more remaining gaps and “will come forward,” Budreau said.

Valley Cab dispatch reported to police that Huson was missing after losing contact with him.

His cab, a Ford Crown Victoria, was found just after 5 a.m. Oct. 21. The vehicle had been abandoned in a parking area near Almond and Ninth streets and was “bloody,” according to earlier accounts of the crime.

Huson’s body was found three hours later, in a field near Helo Drive and East Vilas Road. He had been shot in the head.

It’s thought that the suspect was a resident or someone who knew Medford well. The suspect might have been a risk-taker because the trip between the locations where Huson was left and his cab was abandoned could have led to the person being seen, Budreau said.

In 2012, the suspect was described as being a white man between the ages of 25 and 35, standing 6-feet-1 and weighing 170 to 190 pounds. His face was scarred with pockmarks and he had acne. That night, he was likely wearing a black jacket, jeans and a black baseball cap.

Since the murder, the suspect might have done or said something looking back at this type of event. Budreau provided some broad examples:

The person might have told someone or was overheard saying they “did something crazy that night” or “I had to kill someone in Medford, Oregon.”

So anyone who didn’t reach out to investigators before is urged to do so. So are people who might have heard — or overheard — such a chilling confession.

Medford Police detectives can be reached at 541-774-2230.

Reach reporter Terri Harber at 541-776-4468 or tharber@rosebudmedia.com.