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Young Medford bank robber gets probation

Charles Fraser-Lindsey will receive no prison time for his attempt to rob a Medford bank in September 2019.

Fraser-Lindsey, 21, will have to serve three years of probation for entering Banner Bank, in the 1400 block of East McAndrews Road, and putting a note on a teller’s desk demanding money, according to a federal judge.

After the teller refused, Frasher-Lindsey took back the note, which contained no threats, and fled by car with co-defendant David Lee Martin Jr., of Livingston, California, according to previous news reports.

U.S. District Judge Michael McShane, while noting that Fraser-Lindsey initially had some setbacks related to his substance abuse issues, remarked that the defendant has “grown up.”

His maturity includes working regularly, staying away from intoxicants, seeming to be doing well in managing depression and anxiety as well as recently becoming a father. He lives with his girlfriend’s family and is involved in the infant’s life.

The judge asked how he was doing, then inquired about whether living with his girlfriend’s family and being a parent.

Fraser-Lindsey said he was “doing real good.” He also said while things can be stressful, that the solution seems to be sitting on a swing with the baby.

“The stress goes away,” the man said.

McShane stressed to Fraser-Lindsey that he needed to reach out for assistance should things become rough because the goal is for him to stay away from using intoxicants and not ending up back in the justice system once his probation is over.

“We’re here to make sure things don’t turn into a bigger problem,” the judge told the defendant. “Communication is important.”