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One sentenced in violent robbery-assault at pot farm

Robbers used a hammer to attack victims at marijuana growing and processing location
Gavel, with defocussed law books behind.

Two days before his trial was set to begin, a California man pleaded guilty Wednesday for his role in a violent robbery and assault last October at a marijuana facility near Eagle Point.

Vay San Duong, 52, of San Pablo, California, was sentenced in Jackson County Circuit Court to 90 months in prison.

According to police, Duong and two other suspects entered a marijuana growing and processing facility on Lake Creek Loop Road, near Highway 140, late in the evening of Oct. 21.

Three of the four men who lived and worked on the property were attacked with a hammer before the assailants fled with at least $10,000 worth of unlicensed marijuana.

Duong left the property in a stolen vehicle filled with marijuana. Law enforcement tried to stop Duong, but he abandoned the vehicle and made his way on foot toward Highway 140. He was taken into custody a few hours later.

“In his jacket pocket there were zip ties that matched zip ties used at the scene to subdue some of the victims,” the DA’s office said.

The other two suspects are awaiting trial in the case.

Kien Vihn Vong, 49, of Sacramento, California, is under a $250,000 warrant after his supervised release was revoked in December. He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Funan Wu, 48, of Victorville, California, is scheduled to be tried in May. He pleaded not guilty to all charges, court documents showed.